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   Chapter 1313 Morning Sickness

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Debbie decided not to tell Erica as it would worry her.

Relief coursed through the young girl when she heard the news. She obediently nodded and said, "Okay, I'll stay in the classroom."

"Well, remember what I said. Don't go anywhere by yourself!" Debbie was afraid that the people who tried to kill Matthew would target Erica now.

"I know."

She took a deep breath and wiped the tears that had stained her cheeks. It would be a while before the bodyguards arrived, and so, she decided to wait in the classroom. Her classmates glanced at each other, unsure of what to say or do. After several tense moments, that bold classmate asked tentatively, "Erica, are you okay?"

Erica lifted her gaze and looked around. Her eyes were red from crying. Nevertheless, she tried smiling as she replied, "I'm fine. Thank you." As long as Matthew was all right, she would be fine. This thought was soon replaced by a more worrisome one. She wondered why he hadn't thought to use a bodyguard's phone to call her and let her know that he was safe.

Was it because he didn't know that she had seen the news?

While she was lost in her thoughts, her classmates, who were now less worried, left the classroom.

Soon, several black cars screeched to a halt in front of the teaching building. Even before the engines switched off, a dozen bodyguards dressed in black jumped out of the cars and headed to a classroom.

The passers-by were stunned by their sudden arrival and wondered what brought all these people to their school.

A few minutes later, the group of bodyguards escorted a petite woman to one of the cars. Only then did everyone realize that they were here to collect Mrs. Huo.

With all this protection and vigilance, she was indeed the most important figure at the school now. Even the school leaders did not require this level of security.

Erica had thought that Carlos would send a few guards to escort her. Her eyes widened with astonishment when she saw that he had sent over a dozen people!

But, she was anxious and distressed and couldn't think about anything other than Matthew's well-being. Under the rigorous protection of the bodyguards, she got into the luxury car in the middle of the convoy. The vehicle was, in fact, refitted to be bulletproof.

Once they safely arrived at the Huo family's manor, Erica sat forward, placed her hands on the window, and peered out in search of Matthew. She assumed that he'd have returned by then, but he hadn't.

Only Carlos and Debbie were waiting for her. As soon as she

se people had come for him as he didn't want her to worry.

"Then... what about Camille? Why were you together?" She finally voiced the question that had plagued her ever since she saw the picture.

"We met at the gate of the CBD Exhibition Center," came Matthew's brief reply.

He didn't intend to tell Erica that Camille had taken the bullets for him. He was afraid that she would be frightened and would overthink.

"I see." But, a while later, she couldn't help but ask another question. "Why did you hold her hand?"

Matthew's brow furrowed as he thought over the events. He vaguely remembered that he had held her hand. "Someone pushed her. Since she was in high heels, she lost her balance and fell toward me. I helped her up."

The man answered so frankly that Erica was too embarrassed to question him further.

Later that day, Matthew left the manor. He didn't return that night.

The next morning, regardless of Debbie's dissuasion, Erica took the lunch prepared by the chefs and headed to ZL Group, accompanied by the bodyguards.

She was worried about Matthew as he hadn't come home at night. Now that she was at his office and he wasn't at his desk, her concern grew manifold. When she looked around, she found that Owen and Paige were not in the area for special assistants, either.

She randomly asked one of the special assistants, "Where is Matthew?"

"Mrs. Huo, the CEO went to the hospital."

"Hospital? Was someone hurt? Where are Owen and Paige?"

The assistant told her everything he knew. "Owen has been at the police station all this while. And Paige took Mr. Huo to the hospital. It seems that the eldest daughter of the Su family was injured."

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