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   Chapter 1256 I Will Bear Any Consequences

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Gifford sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled down her quilt a little. Ignoring Chantel's uneasy expression, he threatened, "If you don't tell me the truth, I'll take you back to the military base and interrogate you the way I interrogate spies!"

Chantel shivered. But Erica trusted her to keep quiet, so she gritted her teeth and refused to divulge their secret. "I know nothing, Gifford. How can you do this to me? I am the one who suffered losses here after going through this kind of thing. Yet, you are doubting me. This is too much!"

"This kind of thing? What kind of thing? What happened between us?" he asked coldly.

Chantel's eyes widened. 'He is not going to take responsibility for it?' She couldn't believe it, and was about to say something. But she changed her mind. It didn't matter even if he didn't take responsibility for taking her first time. "Forget it. Please turn around. I need to go and take a shower."

Gifford didn't move. He smirked, "Do you think it's really necessary for me to turn around? I saw every inch of your body last night."

Her face turned red. To escape from his sharp questioning, she quickly sat up from the bed, and stood up naked in front of him.

But as soon as she was on her feet, her knees gave away weakly and she fell to the floor.

Gifford didn't move. He pretended not to care that she had embarrassed herself in front of him. He didn't even bother to help her up.

Under his burning gaze, she picked up the bathrobe on the floor and put it on.

In the evening, around six o'clock, Erica finished the last photo. She and Hyatt packed up and walked to the school gate.

The green military car at the gate was so eye-catching that she noticed it at once.

The tall man standing beside the car was scanning every student coming out of the school gate. He even had his hands on the driver who had come to pick Erica up.

She knew immediately that the truth had been found, but she didn't think that he would be so quick!

She was going to chicken out of there! Before Gifford could notice her, she hid behind Hyatt and hailed a taxi as fast as she could.

Just when she got into the taxi, Gifford spotted her. "Erica!" He strode towards her.

Erica quickly ordered the driver, "Sir, hurry up! There

ome; why don't you be responsible for her to the very end?"

It was so obvious that the CEO was trying to defend his wife.

Erica looked at her husband with admiration. "Matthew, you're absolutely right!"

Gifford was so mad that he spun around in circles with his hands on his hips. Finally, he glared at the hateful culprit and said, "I did bring her home, but I never intended to marry her!" And now that they had sex, he might not be able to escape from his responsibility.

Besides, Gifford was sure that Matthew was also involved in the matter. That was probably why he couldn't find a single clue regarding what had really happened. He only found out because Erica was so easily deceived.

"Then, you can marry her now!"

"Matthew, you are spoiling this girl to no end! She is going to get you into a lot of trouble if she continues to play around like this!" Gifford wasn't exaggerating. He absolutely believed in his sister's ability to create trouble.

An unnoticeable smile flashed across Matthew's eyes. "It doesn't matter. I'm ready to bear any consequences for her." He was also well aware of what his wife was capable of, but he had been prepared to solve all those difficulties for her the day he had married her.

"Aren't you angry with her for running away last night?" Gifford asked, frowning.

Before Matthew could answer, Erica protested loudly, "Gifford, are you trying to sow discord between us?" 'Gifford is so annoying! Why does he have to mention that now?' she cursed inwardly.

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