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   Chapter 1228 Matthew Is Ruthless

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Shamelessly, Sheffield pulled Evelyn into his arms. "Honey, I was just kidding with Rika. Neither she nor Matthew was really angry. They had dinner at Evefield Restaurant. They are probably enjoying their romantic night right about now. It's late. Why don't we enjoy our night as well?"

Evelyn shook her head. "Matthew said that if you don't spend the night kneeling on the keyboard, he will tell Dad that you tried to separate Rika from him. He already has the surveillance video of you and Rika chatting in the company. He threatened to send it to Dad if you don't listen to him."

The surveillance video of ZL Group was of high-definition quality, and unlike ordinary CCTV cameras, the audio was also crystal clear. If this matter reached Carlos, Sheffield wouldn't even be able to deny what had happened.

'Matthew has become more ruthless than his father! I got no luck!' Sheffield thought to himself with a sigh.

Carlos was openly satisfied with his daughter-in-law. If he ever came to know that Sheffield had tried to drive a wedge between Erica and Matthew, Sheffield would surely meet his end.

With another long sigh, Sheffield headed to the keyboard on the balcony and knelt down on it.

Two minutes later, Evelyn came over with a plate of fruits. She put an apple slice into his mouth and said, "I'm free now. Shall we talk for a while?"

Chewing the apple, Sheffield sullenly flipped through his messages on his phone and replied to a customer's query. "I swear you could never find another CEO who is as miserable and diligent as I am!" he complained. Where would anyone find a CEO of a large company kneeling on a keyboard shamelessly and having to work while being punished by his brother-in-law?

Evelyn sat on a chair next to him and nodded, "Hmm. Mr. Tang, why do you always have to provoke Matthew knowing something like this would happen?" This was Matthew's favorite punishment for him. Every time Sheffield pissed him off, Matthew would ask Evelyn to make him kneel on the keyboard.

Evelyn wondered how Sheffield managed to keep his position as the CEO of Theo Group after all that he had done. It seemed that his father didn't mind at all.

The man smiled guiltily at his wife. Although he knew that this was all his fault, he could never admit it in front of her. "It's all because your dear brother can't take a joke," he scoffed.

"Since you know that he can't take a joke, why do you make fun of him? It's still your fault!"


and her cheeks were slightly red. The scream gradually turned into light moans. "You bastard..." There was no threat in her voice; it was nothing but a tender welcome.

The man pushed her onto the bed behind her. He grinned as he climbed on top of his drugged ex-girlfriend.

The second day at Y City train station

It had been cold in Y City these past days, and the weather was unusually cloudy.

A black Emperor car slowly came to a halt at the entrance of the station. The young couple in the car did not fit in with the surroundings.

Erica's eyes fell on the square not far away. Camille was in a beige suit. She carefully tucked a loose hair behind Tessie's ear. Tessie was crying; her eyes were swollen.

The two bodyguards beside them kept their eyes on Tessie's every move, as if she were a prisoner.

Erica saw that Tessie had become much thinner in the last few days.

Matthew asked, "Don't you want to say goodbye to her?"

Erica didn't say anything. She watched the two sisters silently.

After a long time, Camille left. Erica opened the car door and got out.

"Tessie!" she called, as the bodyguards were about to lead her into the station to check in.

Tessie turned around and saw the girl walking towards her.

Erica was still the same girl from her memories. She was dressed in an expensive pink long windbreaker, with a white handbag in her hand and a crystal hairpin on her long black hair. She looked like a princess.

Tessie bent down to look at herself. She was wearing worn-out jeans and a coat bought from a shop at half-off. She was so young, and yet, she looked like a ragged middle-aged woman.

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