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   Chapter 1226 Not So Bad

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Matthew grabbed the bag that had all the camera gear he had kept for Erica and slowly started taking out all the equipment inside. "I can do whatever it is that my heart desires," he said. For instance, marrying her.

In truth, even if Carlos hadn't asked him to marry Erica, he would have married her sooner or later.

Although Erica knew deep down in her heart that Matthew wasn't putting on an act, she was still somewhat surprised by his cockiness, the combination of arrogance and provocation. The sheer effrontery was thrilling to witness.

Erica went to help him. She took the folding tripod and found a good angle to unfold it.

After busying himself with the gear for a while, Matthew handed a heavy camera with a wide-angle lens to her and said, "Try this one out."


Erica lifted the camera to her eye as she adjusted the focus and aperture before she pointed the camera towards the sky.

She glanced at the picture of the starry sky she just took and said, "It's not bad. It does feel better with a wide-angle lens."

The way Erica's eyes lit up when she spoke so passionately about photography brought a satisfied smile on Matthew's face.

The special arrangement he had made for her tonight was well worth it.

After taking a few more photos, Erica turned around suddenly and caught him staring at her. She smiled and said, "Perhaps being married to you isn't so bad, after all."

"What makes you say that all of a sudden?" he asked. 'Not so bad? That doesn't sound good enough.'

Erica adjusted the IOS value on the camera and smiled at him. "Haven't you heard the saying? Photography makes a family poor for three generations, and a single-lens reflex camera will ruin one's life." This was a popular saying in the photography circle.

Raising his eyebrows, Matthew asked, "Why is that?" He had no idea what she was talking about. After all, he knew very little about the photography circle before.

"Do you know how much this camera costs?" Erica pegged the price of the Stone Sea camera to be at least fifty thousand.

Matthew pondered for a while and answered, "Eighty thousand." He had asked one of his men to buy the camera, but he clearly remembered that the price noted on the invoice was eighty thousand.

"That's correct. And the lens? It will obviously be more expensive than the camera, right?"

Matthew nodded. Erica was speaking the truth. The lens cost him one hundred and eighty thousand.

Erica explained, "A professional photographer needs to be equipped with lens that has a permanent F2.8 maximum aperture; lens with a permanent F4

in the border area?"

The place she was talking about was not the same one where Lenora was. Erica was talking about a place that had the biggest salt-water lake in H Country, where the water changed colors with the seasons all year round.

"So, you want to go there?" Matthew asked. 'Isn't she adorable?'

Erica cocked her head cutely and stuck out her tongue. "Will you go with me?"

"Of course, I will," he replied.

"But what about your company?"

After thinking for a while, he suddenly held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "How about you give me a few sons so I can let them take over the company as soon as possible? After that, I'll accompany you to take photos of the sunrise and sunset; the ends of the earth; the South Pole and the North Pole; the starry sky and the land..."

Erica blushed. Giving birth to a few sons was one of her jokes and she was surprised that he still remembered it. "How am I going to give you many babies? I don't think I'll survive that many childbirths."

There was an old saying to the effect that if a woman loved a man, she should give him a few daughters, but if she hated him, she would give birth to a few sons for him.

However, Erica did not hate Matthew and therefore, she would give him several daughters! Moreover, it was too expensive to raise a son. An ordinary family had to spend one million to raise a son. Erica estimated raising Matthew's son could cost them tens of millions! In that case, she would become penniless.

There was a snicker in Matthew's eyes. "I have to work hard to make the babies. I'm not afraid of being exhausted to death. What are you worried about?"

Erica replied immediately, "I'm afraid you won't have that much energy."

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