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   Chapter 1223 Will You Stop Mentioning Evelyn

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If Lenora had ended up committing suicide as a result of the two men raping her, then the two would be doomed.

The three of them continued on their way, going deeper and deeper into the open jaws of the cave.

The ground underfoot was wet and slippery with moldy growth. She could feel something slithering past her feet. It could have been a snake or even a centipede, but neither of those possibilities seemed like something she would be happy about.

Soon they arrived at the entrance. The cave was built into the muddy brown rock of the cliff, the stone guarding the entrance was jagged and uneven, arranged in such a way that it would be difficult for passersby to spot.

To enter the cave was to become engulfed in chilling blackness. The thin man had to move around by following the damp wall of the cave with his hands. All of a sudden, a candle sparked to life, lighting up the tunnel ahead and bathing the entire cavern in a flickering orange glow. He must have had some candles stashed away in preparation for this moment.

There was some dried grass in the far corner, and on the grass were a few threadbare quilts, food and water.

Noticing some movement above her head, Lenora looked up and caught a glimpse of hundreds of bats with their wings tucked in tight. Fright consumed every cell in her body almost immediately, swelling them with terror.

"Aahhh..." A scream escaped her lips and she stumbled backward.

Startled by her shriek, the two men rushed out of the cave with her.

The fat man glared at Lenora angrily and said, "What are you screaming for? You almost scared me to death, bitch!"

"Bats... Did you see how many of them there were?" 'How am I going to live in a place like this for at least a week? This can't be happening to me!' she cried inwardly.

"Damn it! There's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, you didn't seem too afraid when you were bullying other people on campus. You deserve it!" The two men returned to the cave, cursing and laughing at Lenora non-stop.

The fact that there was a clean place with dry grass was proof that someone must have been living in that cave before.

The bats weren't even the most frightening part of the story. Came nightfall, darkness was eternity inside the cave, like an invisible force squeezing the life out of anyone that lived there. Lighting up candles was futile as the cold winds would easily blow them out without much effort.

Fraught with fear, Lenora had no choice but to squeeze to the side of the two men, who on most occasions wouldn't refuse, as long as she

nodded. She walked to his desk and stared at the expressionless man. "Matthew," she said seriously.

"Hmm?" He preferred her to call him honey instead of Matthew.

"I want to ask you a question."

Matthew signed his name on the last page of the document; the project was worth more than a hundred million dollars. "Go ahead!" he said curtly.

"Have you gone to visit Phoebe recently?"

"No, I haven't." 'Why would I see Phoebe? I'd rather be with Rika and spend the rest of my life bickering with her, ' he thought.

As long as Phoebe's baby was safe and healthy, there was no need for him to see her.

"Oh! No wonder..." 'Phoebe is pregnant so he can't have sex with her. Since I won't allow him to have sex with me, I'm not surprised that he wants to date young models, ' she thought.

Puzzled, Matthew asked, "And then?"

"Well..." Erica moved closer to him and in a low voice, said shyly, "Don't forget to take protective measures when you are out there having fun. It's not easy to raise a child. If one day several children start showing up in front of you, claiming you to be their dad, both of us will be in a lot of trouble."

Matthew sat there in utter amazement, finding it difficult to process Erica's words. He stopped sorting out the documents and frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"I heard about the young models. Apparently, they're only eighteen years old. I feel bad for them because you are so much older than them. Be sure to give them extra money for their trouble! You shouldn't cheap out on something like that." Money wasn't something Matthew was particularly short of, and the only reason those women would be willing to sleep with him was because of his money.

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