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   Chapter 1210 Erica The Violent

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Tam tidied up his clothes, stared at the camera with an embarrassed look, and slowly said, "I'm Tam Wu. You've probably heard the rumors. Two years ago, Erica Li became a single mom, right? But that's not true. You see, Erica's good friend and I are the kid's parents. Erica's raising the child now. I just wanted to say I'm sorry I hurt everyone. I hurt Erica by ruining her reputation. I hurt my family with this affair. I apologize!"

After getting what she wanted, Erica calmed down and told the reporters, "Please keep the recording and photos safe. Don't release them yet. There will be still more." She hadn't confronted Tessie yet!

"Okay, Mrs. Huo."

Then, Erica walked over to Neville and Watkins. She knew she needed to apologize to Neville. "I'm sorry, Mr. Chai. I got so mad I smashed some computers in your operations department. I'll pay for all the damage I did. But I hope you can fire Tam. He's going nowhere but down, and I don't want him to drag you down with him."

Right now, Erica was acting all sweet and polite, completely different from the raging berserker who left piles of wreckage at Tam's company.

But still, Neville sensed the implied threat in her tone. How could a fifty-something-year-old man be threatened by a young woman not even out of college?

Neville was intrigued by Erica, but also a little miffed. He couldn't be mad at her if he tried, but he could be annoyed. "Mr. Wu's private affairs are his own business. Walking into a corporate office and destroying computers is another matter. You come to my company and make trouble, and then you try to bully me into firing an employee you have a personal problem with. Who do you think you are?"

With an innocent look on her face, Erica said in an even more innocent tone, "I don't know where Tam's home is, so I had no choice but to come to his workplace to let everyone know I was mad. Don't worry, Mr. Chai. As long as you fire Tam, I'll make sure you get the money to replace what I destroyed. I'll even tell my husband you helped me today. Helping me means helping my husband. He will definitely thank you!"

Neville had never seen such a charming woman. She knew just what to say. He laughed, "You and Mr. Huo are a perfect match. Mr. Huo is a cold man. You're not. I have to imagine you bring a lot more variety to his daily routine."

Erica nodded with a smile and stated, "I think so. So does my husband. We're both lucky to have found each other."

Hands behind his back, Neville said, "Ha ha, if you weren

It's spreading like crazy online!" Rhea sounded really anxious. She called Erica as soon as she found out, but by then she was already a trending topic. She thought her friend might want to know so she could do damage control.

'I used violence on campus?' Erica was surprised.

She immediately hung up the phone and logged into her Weibo account.

She clicked on the trending news and sure enough saw her own name, followed by a word all in red—hot!

With trembling hands, she tapped on her name. The first headline of the news read, "Mrs. Huo (Erica Li) Hit a Female Classmate on Campus. Her Behavior Was Outrageous!"

In the picture over the link, she held Lenora's head under the faucet inside No. Eighteen Primary School. Due to the angle of the shot, only her profile was shown in the picture, but it looked enough like Erica that someone might think it was her.

In the third picture, Lenora's clothes were being torn from her by a group of people, and her classmates were taking photos of her.

Next to the sixth picture was a video where Erica slapped Lenora in the face several times in just one or two minutes. It was most likely a looped GIF, but the article didn't say that.

When these maliciously edited photos and videos were posted, everyone was convinced that Erica was an out-of-control psycho!

And that was where the netizens came in, doing what they did best—posting malicious comments and mockery. The comment area of her Weibo was filled with all the vitriol of an outraged fanbase. Everyone demanded an explanation.

Before she could finish reading the news, Matthew gave her a ring. "Come to my office!" he said. He didn't sound happy.

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