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   Chapter 1209 Daughter-in-Law Of The Huo Family

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Tam's secretary was about to dash over to stop Erica, but one of her colleagues grabbed her hand and said in a hurried whisper, "What are you doing?! Even Mr. Wu has locked himself inside his office. Don't get yourself into trouble!"

The secretary was pissed seeing her smashed computer, lying on the floor. "This woman is crazy!" she said angrily.

The lady holding her back was shaken by her words. She almost covered the secretary's mouth. "Shh! You are the crazy one here! You'll get us all into trouble if you don't shut your mouth! Mrs. Huo can do whatever she wants; she has the Li and Huo families backing her up. Whatever trouble she creates, there will still be many people willing to support her! But who will take care of us? All we can do is stay out of this."

"But whatever her problem is, she has no right to damage our property and destroy our work!" the secretary said indignantly.

"Calm down. Let's just stay silent and watch the show! Haven't you noticed that none of the security guards has come forward to stop her? Why are you trying to be a hero? Do you want to get fired?"

Erica, who paid no attention to the talks behind her, continued to bang her fists on the door to Tam's office. The man inside was a real coward and refused to show his face.

Erica stopped pounding on the door and turned to look at the employees gathered around in the operations department. She raised her voice and said, "I've heard that sixteen people in the operations department had followed Tam here from another company. Who are those people?"

The employees looked at each other, but no one dared to speak up.

Seeing the angry look on Erica's face, one of the female employees pointed to a portion of the office to her left because she was afraid of being implicated for their mistake. Erica counted the employees in that area and found that there were exactly sixteen people over there.

While this was going on, a security guard, who had earlier dozed off in the lounge, heard the commotion and rushed in with a baton. "Who is causing trouble here?" he shouted.

Erica snorted, "That would be me. You got a problem?"

Ignoring his disbelief, she grabbed the baton from his hand and smashed another computer nearby.

Seeing that she was serious and really bad-tempered, the security guard stepped back without saying another word.

Erica smirked and walked over to the other area where the woman had pointed earlier. She smashed all sixteen computers, one after the other. She had the whole company's attention now.

After smashing their computers, she raised the baton and warned the sixteen employees who were loyal to Tam, "If you don't make your boss come out of his office right now, my husband will make sure

hey were getting ready to bring down the door, it was quickly unlocked from the inside and Tam showed his face.

He looked a little haggard and quickly apologized to Erica, "I'm sorry."

Erica had no intention of accepting his apology. "What's the use of being sorry now? Tam Wu, I want you to tell everyone who the father is of the child I had brought home long back."

Tessie and Tam had done so many awful things to her. She couldn't continue covering up for them and as a result, be misunderstood by the public. She wanted to clear her name, once and for all. Being a pushover wasn't in her nature.

Tam shivered. "It's me. The kid is mine and Tessie's," he admitted.

Satisfied, Erica turned to the bodyguard beside her and asked, "I need you to contact a reporter right away. Ask him to get here soon."

This had to be published by a proper news outlet. The news that she had a child before marriage was public knowledge now, and she had been judged miserably by everyone when she married Matthew.

And the irony was that, since she married Matthew, even more people knew about the child.

Almost everybody who paid attention to their wedding ceremony knew that she had a bastard son. They claimed that she didn't deserve Matthew.

The bodyguard replied, "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo has already arranged the reporters. They are here, waiting for your orders."

Following his gaze, Erica saw two men standing at the best location for shooting and recording what was happening there.

Erica was once again blown away by how efficient Matthew was. He had known in advance that she would need reporters. 'Can he read minds? He gives everything I need without having to ask.'

Erica grabbed Tam's collar and dragged him to the reporters. "Come here and tell the reporters all about the child I had before marriage!"

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