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   Chapter 1208 Queen Of The Night

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Erica wasn't going to talk about what happened this evening, and Matthew wasn't going to force the issue.

She wanted to go home, but he insisted she stay in the hospital overnight. He wanted to make sure she got a clean bill of health before they released her.

Erica was not happy about that. She'd gotten drenched in the heavy rain, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a soft bed. And she certainly didn't need to stay here. She needed to rest up, so she had enough energy for tomorrow. Tomorrow would be when she got her revenge. Someone had to pay for today's events!

The couple were fighting over this, and it looked like neither would relent.

The girl was forced to lie on the hospital bed. Looking at the man, she said in a pitiful voice, "All that's going to happen is that I won't get any sleep. You really want me glaring at you all night?"

"Don't worry. You'll fall asleep very soon." Matthew was sure of it, because she slept like a log every night. She was a pretty sound sleeper, and sometimes her eyes closed the moment her head hit the pillow.

"Aren't you afraid of the ghosts in the hospital?"

"No. I have you with me!" Besides, he was not a superstitious man. He didn't believe in ghosts.

The girl began to howl, "I want to go home, go home..."

"Not until tomorrow!"

Suddenly, something occurred to Erica. She looked at Matthew and demanded, "Let me see your phone for a minute."

She didn't forget that Matthew had been acting funny at lunch. She had to make sure that she wasn't just imagining things.

The man's expression changed when she asked him for his phone. After a moment of silence, he tried to distract her. "I changed my mind about the hospital. Let's get out of here."

Without saying another word, he picked up the girl from the bed and walked out of the ward.

That was really suspicious. Why would he all of a sudden take her out of the hospital when she asked about his phone? The more she thought about it, the more curious she became. What was he afraid of? The chat logs he had with another woman?

'He's hiding something. I know it! Is he having an affair? Is that it? It has to be!' Erica thought to herself.

Back at the villa, she took a hot shower. When she came out, she was sleepy, but her hair was still wet, so sleep would be denied her till she could dry it.

She had some regrets, coming back home at this hour. If she'd had more time to think about it, she would have stayed the night in the hospital. Right now, she could barely keep her sleepy eyes open, but she still had to dry her hair.

In the bedroom, when Matthew saw her come out of the bathroom, he put down the documents he

t hide anymore, but he wasn't about to open the door for Erica, so he had to pretend he was not there.

"Tam Wu, I know you're in there. Come out! Not so brave anymore, are you? I'll deal with you first, and then with Tessie. All of you are in for it now!" Tam and Tessie were both rotten people. Of course she had to start with this man!

Erica knocked on the door again and again, but Tam was still a no-show. She became more and more furious.

She felt like a villain in a TV drama, pounding and yelling incessantly at someone's door like an evil drama mama. 'No! I won't put up with this!'

She walked to the secretary's desk closest to her and yanked out the cords that connecting the monitor and tower. With her teeth gritted, she walked over to Tam's office door, lugging the screen with her.

The crowd was agape as Erica lifted the monitor over her head. "Tam Wu, my parents helped you raise your son, and how do you repay me? You're all a bunch of dickbags! Get out here now, or I swear to god I'll smash every machine you own!"

To prove she was not joking, Erica hurled the monitor into the door. It made a mark on the formerly immaculate door, and tumbled to the ground. It landed on the built-in stand, breaking it off. One of the corners of the device was also smashed in, and cracks began to form on the screen.

Bang! A loud noise startled Tam inside the office.

'Wow, she's really pissed. I guess I should have known better than to mess with the wife of a Huo, the youngest daughter of the Li family, ' he thought.

"Come out here, coward! You have the courage to take a mistress, so why are you hiding from the responsibility? Get your ass out here! I want answers!" The girl's clear, angry voice continued to echo through the operations department.

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