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   Chapter 1193 She's Really Alive

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Tam was about to open the car door for Erica, but when he saw who was standing behind her, he greeted Matthew first. "Hello, Mr. Huo!"

Matthew glanced at Tam indifferently. If he remembered correctly, this man was the third son of the Wu family, a powerful family in the city.

The Wu family was comprised of two sons and one daughter. The eldest was the Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection; the second one was a daughter, the president of the High People's Court in the city, and the third one, Tam, was general manager of the operations department of a publicly traded company.

But... 'Why is Erica with Tam?' Matthew wondered.

He nodded at Tam silently.

Tam had met Matthew before and knew that he was a cold, arrogant man. So he thought Matthew was just being his usual self, nothing unusual at all. "We're taking off now, Mr. Huo."

Erica had already climbed into the car and sat patiently in the back seat, waiting for Tam to start the car.

When Tam opened the driver's side door, Matthew stopped him. "Wait a minute!"

"Yes, Mr. Huo?" The man stared at Matthew in confusion.

Ignoring his question, Matthew brushed him away. He went straight to the car, opened the back door and told Erica, "Get out of the car!"

"Why?" Erica asked.

Matthew answered her question with another. "Where do you want to go? I'll ask the driver to take you there!"

He didn't like this arrangement, and all the alarm bells were sounding in his head. Erica shook her head. "Thanks. But Tam can give me a lift."

Matthew just stood there. Decisively, he took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. "Yes, I'm where you expect I am. Get down here. Take Mrs. Huo wherever she wants to go."

Erica knew that Matthew had called the driver, so she had to get out of Tam's car. "Why are you bothering him? Tam and I are going the same way. It's convenient for him to take me there."

As a man, Tam understood why Matthew did what he did. "Mrs. Huo, it's not a bad idea for you to let a driver take you there. I still have work to finish up after I drop you off at Y City University. I'm not sure I can take you back home," said Tam with a smile.

Erica nodded. "Okay!"

'Why is Matthew

She asked coldly, "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

"What am I talking about? Why don't you remember what you did? Tessie transferred to another school to get away from you. Why are you here? What do you want? Look what you did to her! Can't you see how scared she is? That's all you, girl!"

Tessie, who was standing behind Julianna, looked pale and trembled as if she had seen something terrible.

Erica walked past and grabbed Tessie's wrist.

Tessie screamed and struggled violently before Erica could even say anything.

Her fierce reaction completely confused Erica. She had no choice but to let Tessie go. "Tessie, what's wrong with you? Look at me. It's Erica."

After a moment of silence, Tessie said in a timid voice, "Please, leave me alone. Go away, Erica! Just go!" At that point her already shaky murmurs were choked with sobs.

Erica was shocked to hear that.

Julianna got between Erica and Tessie, shielding the other girl with her body. "You should leave now. We don't want to see you!"

"I'm not leaving! Tessie, come here and talk to me!" Erica would not leave until she found out what was going on.

In order to ease the tension, Tam said to Erica, "I think Tessie's afraid of you now. You should probably get back in the car. Let me have a talk with her first."

Tessie's reaction completely broke Erica's heart. She was very sad at the moment, and she needed to salve her mood.

Erica nodded and walked away, leaving them alone.

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