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   Chapter 1191 Matthew Likes Rika

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That evening

Blair put the asleep Ethan on his small bed and went back to the big bed. On a whim, she said, "Wesley, you have a good eye for people. Do you think Chantel and Gifford are good together?"

Wesley frowned slightly. He had never thought about it before. Finally, he shook his head and said, "Not really. She's too young." Gifford was twelve years older than Chantel.

"You got that right! Chantel's only 20, and Gifford is 32. There's a generation gap right there. They won't share the same interests." Blair was concerned. All she wanted was for her son to be happy.

"But..." Wesley hesitated. "Gifford doesn't even like hanging out with girls. Since he chose to bring Chantel back home, it means that he's interested in her. If you want to try and play matchmaker, go ahead."

Wesley knew Gifford well. He worked from dawn until dusk. Whenever a young girl came over to him and tried to talk to him, he would ignore her.

He wouldn't even acknowledge she existed.

Wesley was anxious for his son to start dating. He didn't care about the age gap between Gifford and a potential girlfriend, as long as he was willing to date her.

In his opinion, it was okay for the boy to be older. At least older boys knew how to take care of girls.

"But Chantel decided on an acting major. She wants to work in show biz. If she becomes a star and gets caught in a scandal, won't it hurt us?" Blair's concerns were valid. After all, the Lis were a military family. They had always avoided any drama and never got involved in the entertainment industry.

"Take it easy. Chantel's only been here for a few days, but you already have her career set up and are marching her down the aisle already. You must really want another grandkid. Isn't Ethan enough for you? Just call Rika. I'm sure she'd be willing to squeeze another baby out for you."

Blair rolled her eyes at him. "You think I won't?"

Wesley chuckled. "Of course you will. My wife is the most important person in this family. There's nothing you won't do!" His tone was playful, and not meant to be taken seriously.

"Cut it out. I'm going to call Rika!" Saying that, Blair had already begun dialing Erica's number.

"Hi Rika, it's Mom. When are you going to give me another baby?" Blair asked.

After grumbling a few words to her,

d. Please don't be angry. There's no harm done."

In the dark night, Wesley smiled as he thought of his naughty daughter.

Damn! He missed his precious daughter. Without Rika by his side, it was quiet, but there was always something missing. It felt wrong.

He turned over and gathered Blair in his arms. Luckily, the woman who would be there for the rest of his life was right there. It was some comfort, at any rate.

Downstairs, in the Li family's house

Gifford quietly opened the door to the villa, and closed it behind him. After changing into his slippers, he walked into the living room.

At the same time, a young woman padded downstairs. When she saw him, she greeted him with a smile, "You're back!"

Gifford was puzzled at first. "Who—? Why are you here?" And she acted so excited. She was wearing pajamas, as well. 'Is that who I think it is?' Gifford thought.

"It's me—Chantel!" Chantel could understand why Gifford didn't recognize her. Her face was dirty before she came to live with the Lis. Bathed, and wearing the new pajamas Blair had bought her, she looked like another girl entirely. And a pretty one, to boot.

'It's really her, ' Gifford thought. He looked her up and down and finally nodded. "You clean up nice! But you're too thin. You should eat. We have plenty of food here."

Rika was already quite thin. Gifford couldn't imagine someone skinnier than his sister. Well, now that someone was standing in front of him.

Chantel smiled and her eyes lit up. "So, Gifford, are you busy every day?"

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