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   Chapter 1189 You've Married The Wrong Person

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Suddenly, the engine revved up and the car proceeded as slowly as possible, seemingly engaged on first gear. Erica immediately caught up to the car and continued pursuit. "What do you mean? Speak clearly! What did you mean by I made Tessie suffer?"

After all, Erica wasn't the one who introduced Tessie to Tam. Moreover, Erica even tried to persuade Tessie to give up waiting on a married man, but she didn't listen to her and insisted on giving birth to Ethan.

Why was she being accused of hurting Tessie?

However, Fanya's silence was clear indication of her indifference and she rolled up the car window.

Erica stopped in her tracks when she saw the car drive in through the gates of the Su family residence. She didn't see the point in carrying on because it was obvious that Tessie's mother didn't want to talk to her.

Instead, she took her phone out and put it close to her left ear. "Hello, Tam Wu? Have you even tried to look for Tessie?"

Tam, who was in the middle of an important meeting, politely asked to be excused when he heard Tessie's name. He found a quiet corner and answered, "I met Tessie's mother at a dinner party. I found out from her that Tessie had transferred to Y City University and majored in fashion design. I have a question for you! Why did you say that she was dead when I asked you the last time?"

Erica was dumbstruck by his words. Why did she say that Tessie was dead? Why? The reason why she thought Tessie was dead was that the doctor gave her the bad news in person, even though she didn't see her body with her own eyes.

When Erica asked to go into the delivery room to see Tessie one last time, the doctor insisted that she leave at once, saying that it was the mother's dying wish that she leave that place with the baby as soon as possible.

Soon after, to honor her friend's last wish, Erica sent someone to inform the Su family of Tessie's death and ran away with the baby.

If Tessie had been alive, she would have chosen to take a major in fashion design at the Y City University. It was only when she met Tam that her dreams of becoming a fashion designer had replaced her aspirations of becoming a photographer. She had planned to work at Tam's company after graduation.

Erica took a deep breath and again said, "Have you tried to contact her?"

"Yes, but I've been very busy lately. Are you going to meet her?"

"Yes!" Erica had to see Tessie with her own eyes and touch her with her own hands. More importantly, she needed to find out what exactly had happened.

Tam paused to think for a while and said, "I'm free around ten o'clock tomorr


However, little did she know that the unfinished word "Te" she had just mistakenly uttered, confirmed all of Matthew's doubts about Tessie being Ethan's actual biological mother.

"You should go to bed early." He walked towards the closet.

"Wait!" Erica stopped him.

He turned around and looked at her with an expectant expression.

"What did Phoebe say to you? I don't need to hear about the sweet words or how you were making out in the office. I'm asking about what she said about me!"

Matthew frowned at her words. 'What the hell is she talking about?' "There were no sweet words, nor was there any making out. But she did say something about you."

Although the two women didn't seem to get along well with each other, it was not the reason for him to lie to Erica. What Phoebe said to him about Erica forced him to ask the girl, "What do you think of campus violence?"

'Campus violence? So Phoebe told Matthew that I was a hot-headed person in campus?' Erica thought for a while and said, "You mean in primary school? Junior middle school? Or in university?"

"All," he said curtly.

"When I was in primary school, I punched a boy in the face. When I was in junior middle school, I asked a boy in the other classroom to run around the playground and shout, 'I won't wet the bed anymore.' When I was in senior high school, I locked a girl in the bathroom. When I was in university, I took a video of a girl and a boy making out in the car, and uploaded it on the Internet after having it pixelated. Is that enough?" Erica had a lot more stories to share if he was willing to hear them.

Matthew's lips twitched. After all, his wife had such an illustrious life! "Is Tessie in one of these stories?" he asked.

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