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   Chapter 1186 She Was Flattered

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After getting his praise, Erica seemed delighted. She ran to look at herself in the mirror happily.

"Matthew, are these stud earrings too eye-catching?" It was true. From their very appearance, they seemed precious. One could tell at a glance that these jewels were worth a lot.

Matthew didn't seem to think so. "No, they aren't," he said.

"Well, what if I lose them?" She had lost a lot of things owing to her rash and careless character in the past. And with that in mind, even the thought of wearing the huge diamond ring Matthew had given was too much for her.

He replied indifferently, "If you lose something, then you get something new."

"Won't you blame me for losing something so valuable?"

"No, I won't."

"Matthew. Are you really not going to give these to your goddess instead of me?" He was being so good to her that she was both flattered and confused!

He cast a cold glance at the inquisitive girl in front of him and replied shortly, "You have too many questions. I'm busy right now." Then he turned around and walked into the bathroom.

Erica looked at her image in the mirror in confusion. Was she really asking too many questions? She had only asked four or five questions.

This man was way too impatient!

'Yes! He's such an impatient man!'

That night, as usual, Erica went to sleep with the Wuba doll in her arms, and was fast asleep before Matthew had finished his work in the study.

At about eleven o'clock, his phone rang. It was Phoebe. "Hello."

"Matthew, I need a favor from you," she said; there was a hint of expectation in her voice. And that expectation was justified at least to her; he was the only one in the world who could satisfy all her requirements.

"Okay. What's it?"

"I heard that Maestro GL recently released a new pair of ear studs. They were limited edition but I saw the photos online and really liked the element of cheetah. Sadly, they were bought by some mysterious person so they're out of my hands. Could you...?" She paused.

Matthew frowned as he heard her words. If Phoebe had asked for something else tonight, he would have agreed without hesitation.

However, Erica really liked what Phoebe wanted.

"That mysterious person is me."

"Oh, I see! So you bought them. That's great. Matthew, can you give the earrings to me if you don't need them?" Phoebe knew that Matthew didn't care about the money. Looking back, more than half of the money she had spent on herself as well as the baby in her womb had come from Matthew's pocket. Therefore, she now took whatever Matthew had for granted.

After a moment's silence, Matthew confessed, "I've already given them

don't want to go back home anymore."

Matthew simply replied, "Then don't go back."

Erica thought to herself, 'Wow, he spoils her that much?'

Phoebe still kept her eyes on the man and protested, "But now they have been coming to me recently. My mother has been trying very hard to persuade me. At the same time, my father's words are very unpleasant to hear. He blamed me, saying that I had hooked up with you and that I had abandoned my family. I really don't know what to do!" Her tone sounded very helpless.

Glancing at the girl who was playing with her phone on the sofa, Matthew replied shortly, "Let me handle it."

'Humph! He's indeed doting on Phoebe, ' Erica thought, angrily. She turned to catch a glimpse of the man, but she didn't expect to meet his eyes.

In order to hide her eavesdropping, Erica quickly looked away and tapped on a voice message her instructor had sent. "We'll be checking the student dormitories tomorrow morning..."

Phoebe noticed what was going on between them, but she just ignored it and continued to complain, "Tessie has been in some financial troubles recently. Her money tends to run out faster than her time, and she comes to me to borrow some. How could the Su family have so many troubles?"

"Who did you say has financial troubles?" This time, it was Erica who had spoken up.

She had suddenly raised her voice and asked the woman standing in front of the French window.

Phoebe glanced at her indifferently and answered her question for Matthew's sake, "I said Tessie!" Then she sneered, "Mrs. Huo, do you still remember once having a good relationship with Tessie?"

But then, her eyes happened to fall on the studs on Erica's earlobes. They were the same pair that she had asked Matthew for last night!

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