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   Chapter 1183 I'll Bite You Again

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Hearing how readily Erica had agreed to hand Ethan over to Phoebe, Matthew wondered if Ethan's birth mother was one of the Su family.

There was no way the kid's mother was Phoebe.

He knew the Su family had three daughters. Camille Su was the oldest, and the favorite. Then there was Tessie, the youngest, who was not well-liked. Phoebe was the middle child.

Phoebe had mentioned her sister Tessie spent her senior year of high school studying in A Country. She attended university there as well.

Erica was from that very same region. Erica and Tessie were about the same age, so it made sense that they were friends.

Matthew had a sly glint in his eyes as he thought about all this. He was close to figuring out Ethan's ancestry.

He didn't have to launch a formal investigation to figure this out. He listened to Erica carefully, and step by step he started to listen more to what she didn't say.

Silly girl! Erica was really smart sometimes. Yet, at other times she was so simple-minded that Matthew was afraid that one day someone would sell her off and she'd still be helping him count the money.

Thinking of this, he said deliberately, "I've never seen a mother willing to give her own child away to someone else for revenge."

Erica knew Matthew was right. 'Did I give anything away? How did he figure it out?' "I...I... You...I...I..." Despite her struggle to find an excuse, she failed to find any. Desperate, she blamed Matthew for it. "It's all your fault. You forced me to!"

The man suddenly burst into laughter. "You're really good at passing the buck!"

Looking at his half smile and enigmatic expression, she became even more enraged. "Are you laughing at me?"

Matthew didn't deny it, nor did he answer her question. He raised his hand and took her delicate chin between two fingers. "Remember, from now on, only you and I are allowed in this house. You can't have anyone else over!"

This was his house. Of course, she had to do what he said. Reluctantly, Erica nodded, "Fine!"

Meanwhile, she grumbled inwardly, 'Did he have to grab my jaw while he said that? What a jerk!'

"Tell me what's going on!" Matthew demanded.

She took a different tack. She tried bargaining with him. "Want to know? Fine. Let him leave! Watkins has nothing to do with this." Watkins was innocent. She couldn't get him into trouble.

Matthew cast a cold glance at her and asked, "So where did you go with him?" 'She even put on makeup before she went out, ' h

on his chest and gently reminded him, "Not now. I'm wearing lipstick." It would smear, and then his lips would be red, and she'd be doing her best clown impression. Not a good look for either of them.

Matthew glanced at her moving red lips, which were now more charming than before in that hue, his eyes darkening. This time, regardless of her objection, he kissed her gently and affectionately.

A few minutes later, someone opened the door to the villa. The man and woman in the dining room were still inseparably intimate.

Matthew heard the noise from the door opening. His senses were always sharp. He opened his eyes and looked at the girl who was still intoxicated from the passion.

Only members of the Huo family could open the door to Matthew's villa.

Matthew knew exactly who walked in without even turning his head. His suspicions were confirmed a moment later.

Soon, a familiar voice came from the living room, "Matthew? Erica? Ah!" As soon as Debbie walked into the living room, she saw what was happening in the adjoining dining room.

Debbie turned around immediately and murmured, "I'm sorry. Amitabha!" 'Wow, these two certainly aren't keeping their hands to themselves. They're even doing it on the table...' she mused.

Erica was suddenly shocked out of her romantic moment by Debbie's voice. As soon as she opened her eyes, she met the man's snickering eyes.

'Oh my God! This is so embarrassing!'

She quickly got down from the table and put some distance between her and Matthew. She reflexively looked at Debbie. "Mom, it's not..." She meant to tell Debbie it was not what it looked like. They were just kissing.

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