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   Chapter 1181 Knocked Down Someone

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Debbie looked at Erica with a smile. "I just have this one hobby in my life. Everyone knows about it! In fact, that's why people are always sending me lipsticks. It's just so hard to resist some shades, so I try to collect them. Is there anything you'd like for yourself? You can pick whichever you like."

Erica shook her head. "No, thanks. I don't really use lipsticks a lot." As a young girl, Erica had hardly bothered with make-up as her youth made her beautiful enough. Eventually, due to her lack of interest in cosmetics, she ended up never wearing makeup or lipstick.

In fact, the only times she had a full-on makeup were when she had to take pre-wedding photos with Matthew and on the day of their wedding. However, on both occasions, Erica could neither find any noticeable changes with her face, nor could tell if she looked beautiful or not.

"Really? I don't believe you! You're a girl, aren't you? Girls like to be beautiful. Applying lipstick not only makes women look spirited, it also makes them feel more beautiful!" Debbie said.

"Mom, I hardly use cosmetics... I don't even know how to apply a lipstick properly," Erica said honestly.

Debbie looked at her sympathetically. "Alas! It's all Matthew's fault. He should take you out shopping more often. Don't worry, I will teach him a good lesson when he's back!" Perhaps when Erica was a little girl, the fact that she hid her femininity was defensible. However, she was now a married woman, and Matthew, as her husband, should have done more to help her embrace her feminine side.

The two most important attributes a woman had to have was a kind heart and a pretty face. Erica already had a kind heart, all she needed to do was take better care of her face, dress better and she would become even more delightful.

"No, no. It's not his fault. It's really my problem." Erica was different from most of the other girls in her class who cared only about beauty and desirability.

Debbie held her arm, took the lipstick from her hand and put it back in its place. "Since you don't seem to like the ones here, I'm taking you to the mall. We just need to find you the color that suits you best. I know just the person for that. Let's go!"

"Oh, that's very sweet of you!" Erica realized that resistance was futile, so she followed Debbie out of the collection room first.

The two of them happily dropped by a spa first and then went to the shopping mall.

Debbie picked the lipstick stores and outlets first. Most of the store managers and sales-clerks knew her.

In a popular lipstick store, s

e her heart and stared out the window to keep herself distracted.

At the Pearl Villa District

Erica and the driver helped Watkins Chai into the villa and sat him down on the sofa in the living room.

Since Matthew wasn't at home, Erica knew that she would have to be more vigilant. She left the driver to look after the injured man while she went upstairs to look for the first aid kit.

It took Erica a while to find the first aid kit as she had never used the one in the villa before. Fortunately, it had everything she needed.

When she came downstairs with the first aid kit, Watkins Chai's face was as pale as death now. Wasting no more time, Erica asked the driver to take off the man's coat.

Then she took out a scissor from the box and carefully cut off the long sleeve of his sweater so that it would be more convenient to clean the wound.

She took out a new bottle of disinfectant spray and reminded him, "I can only disinfect your wound. I can't do anything more than that. Please make do with this now, but you need to get professional help eventually."

Erica knew her way around a first aid kit because she'd always find some way to get injured as child.

Every time she got hurt, Wesley treated her wounds with disinfectant spray first, then he'd apply the medicine or wrap it up with medical gauze.

Much to her surprise, Erica had managed to pick up some useful skills from her father.

Watkins Chai smiled with trembling lips and said, "Thank you very much for your help!"

With his permission, Erica shook the bottle and aimed the spray at his wound. Before her fingers could press down the top of the bottle, the door of the villa was pushed open abruptly from the outside.

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