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   Chapter 1165 Beg Me

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Rubbing her stuffed belly, Erica began making new trouble for Matthew. She watched him washing the dishes and asked, "Do you have work later?"

Matthew glanced at her and said, "Why? What do you have in mind?"

"I'm full. Let's watch a movie!"

"No, I'll pass. Also, aren't you too afraid to be watching horror movies? Go watch a cartoon or something."

'A cartoon?' How could he humiliate her like that?

When Erica walked to him, her eyes accidentally caught the bite mark on his hand. Dumbstruck, her eyes were wide in shock. "What happened to your hand?" If she didn't know any better, those looked like tooth imprints.

Following her gaze, Matthew sneered, "Are you suffering from amnesia?"

Erica suddenly remembered that she bit him in his office the other day when the couple fell into a heated argument. She actually had no idea how hard she had bitten him until today.

Smiling awkwardly, she said, "Hey, Matthew, you're a forgiving man. Don't hold any grudges against me. It was just a bite."

"Just a bite? Come here and let me show you what it was!"

Erica immediately took two steps back and hid her hands. "Don't be so petty. My father thinks that you're a very patient and tolerant man. You shouldn't treat a girl like this!"

Matthew put the pot back. "You? A girl? I think you are—" Matthew meant to say, "—a child."

However, Erica was annoyed at this comment because she thought that he was going to call her a woman. After all, she was already a mother to a child. "Why are you so hard to please? I gave you my first kiss!" Even Aaron didn't have the honor of getting her first kiss.

Two of her words caught Matthew's attention. Confused, he looked at her and asked, "Your first kiss?"

As soon as Erica realized her folly, she changed her stance and tried to cover it up with a lie. "Well, even though I gave birth to Ethan, it doesn't mean I gave my first kiss away. Isn't that normal?"

Matthew wiped his hands with a wet tissue and threw it into the trash can. He walked up to Erica, staring at her with deep eyes and said, "No, it's not!"

"Why?" she asked.

Suddenly, Matthew stepped closer and backed her up against the marble table, his hands on either side of her body, trapping her. "Why... Let me tell you why."

Before she knew it, he lowered his head and kissed her slightly opened lips.

After a while,

nt recliner.

She pulled a long face. "I thought you were going to sit here?"

Matthew opened the program list and asked, "But you've already taken that seat!"

"I just want to sit with you!"

However, the man didn't even give her a look. He crossed his legs arrogantly and sat in an intimidating way. "Beg me!"

"You know what, forget it. Why don't you just play a horror movie to scare me to death?"

Frustrated, Matthew came to the girl with the remote control and angrily gestured at Erica with his eyes. "Move!"

"Okay!" Erica immediately made room for him on the sofa and waited for him to sit down first.

When the movie was ready to play, Matthew suddenly stood up. Erica immediately asked, "Where are you going?"

"The bathroom! Do you want to join me?"

"I'll pass. Come back quickly!"

After leaving the theater room, Matthew took out his phone and called Wesley. "Dad, it's me."

"Matthew? It's late. What can I do for you? Did Rika get into trouble again?"

"No, Rika has been a good girl. Don't worry."

Wesley heaved a sigh of relief. "What did you want to ask? Go ahead."

"Which hospital was Ethan born in?"

"Well... I've never asked Erica about it. She didn't come back home until a month after she gave birth to Ethan." Wesley had also asked about Ethan before, but his questions were always met with strong rejection from Erica. He eventually decided to drop it since he was just glad that the child had returned home safely.

"When Rika told you that she was pregnant, was there any report from the hospital?" Matthew asked.

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