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   Chapter 1164 I Like Crying The Most

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Baby Ethan rolled over and came close to Matthew, smiling and cooing softly; melting his heart with such an innocent face.

Matthew was hopelessly charmed by his smile as he couldn't help squeezing his cheeks softly. "I'll be done soon."

As soon as Erica got in the car, she sent a private message to Can't Do Anything. "What's the hotel's name?"

Fifteen minutes later, Erica, with a mask to hide her face, sneaked into the hotel following a guest who was checking in.

Before long, she found the elevator and pressed the button to Floor 23.

Hiding in a secluded corner, she peeked at the door of Room 2309, but found nothing.

After what seemed like ten minutes, she finally saw a familiar-looking person unlocking the door to Room 2309.

Five minutes later, Erica's mask was in the garbage bin outside the hotel, while she hailed a taxi from the side of the road.

Alas! Just as what Can't Do Anything said, Aaron was, indeed, accompanied by another man inside his room.

Erica felt so distressed! In truth, she wouldn't have a problem with it if Aaron and that man were really in love with each other. Obviously, she wasn't against homosexual relationships. However, the man with Aaron looked to be in his forties and he seemed like the kind of person to have a family of his own.

Well, she could never bring herself to like Aaron again!

When she was about to reach ZL Group, she received a call from Matthew. He asked her to go home directly since he and Ethan were already back in the villa.

Erica had to persuade the taxi driver to change destination and take her to the villa instead.

In the bedroom on the third floor

Erica pushed the door open and found it to be quiet inside. A baby was sound asleep in the middle of the bed.

Matthew had just stepped out of the bathroom just then. "Don't stay up late."

Erica nodded casually as if she weren't actually panicking inside. Staring at the man in pajamas, she couldn't help but think of the fight she had with Matthew two days ago because of Aaron.

Matthew had been nothing but nice to her. He gave her money; washed her feet and even cooked noodles for her, but she had an argument with him over an unscrupulous man. Alas! She had been wrong about Matthew all along. A deep sense of guilt arose in her heart.

Noticing her absent-mindedness, Matthew turned aro

s forced to raise his hands, gesturing her to stop. "I promise I'll make noodles for you if you stop!"

Erica's crying stopped at once. She quickly wiped her tears and said, "With a sausage!"

"Got it!" Astounded at how strange the girl was, Matthew glared at her coldly as he took off his suit jacket and hurled it at her. "Put it away!"

With tears in her eyes, Erica grinned, "Okay, Matthew!"

After hanging his jacket on the rack, Erica followed Matthew into the pantry.

With a can of coke and some crispy dates in her hands, she walked into the kitchen and put a crispy date into Matthew's mouth. "There is still something missing in the fridge. Do you know what it is?"

Matthew responded, while chewing the date in his mouth. "What?"

"You have such a big pantry. Why don't you put some sweets and desserts in it? Perhaps some macarons? Tiramisu...Souffle. Oh, can I just live in the pantry from now on?"

"You want some macarons?"

Erica nodded. "Yes!" Although, Erica had a sweet tooth, she was also too self-conscious of putting on extra weight.

Matthew smiled at her and said, "What a coincidence! I know how to make macarons!"

"Really?" Erica was so surprised her eyes widened with anticipation.


"Then can you make some for me?"

"It depends on my mood!"

Erica smirked and said, "Well, should I try to please you?"

"I'm glad that you're smart enough to know what to do!"

After eating a large bowl of noodles, Erica finally felt calmer. Her pain of missing Ethan was reduced by Matthew's bowl of seafood noodles.

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