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   Chapter 1162 The Explosions

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"What's going on? What's wrong?" Frowning, Matthew stood up once again and walked out of the meeting room.

On the other hand, Erica had no idea what her husband was doing at the moment. According to her, he would always be sitting alone at his desk, reading files or signing papers. Never had she imagined or expected him to be having an urgent meeting with some executives in the conference room.

"Listen to this!" she replied, moving her phone closer towards the kitchen.

More than ten seconds later, BANG! "What are you doing?" Matthew asked in surprise as he heard the loud noise.

"Umm... I am boiling eggs..."

Matthew felt a dull pain in his temples. "How can boiling eggs cause such a powerful explosion?"

Erica was embarrassed at this question. "Well, I don't know. Maybe I left them on the flame for too long. I mean, I even gave Ethan a bath while they were getting boiled."

"Turn off the stove first!" Matthew told her.

"O-Okay," Erica answered, flustered.

She put Ethan in the baby stroller, wrapped him in a bath towel, and made sure that he was safe before she rushed into the kitchen to turn off the stove.

'Nothing could explode anymore, right?' she was thinking. That was logical! She had only put three eggs in the pot, and three bangs had already reached her ears. What more could go wrong!

However, Erica could do nothing but watch as the pot was burnt into smoke; she was too scared to approach the stove and turn it off. Very soon, the kitchen was filled with black smoke.

The smoke alarm in the kitchen began to scream loudly the next moment.

Startled, Erica stepped back immediately. 'What's happening!'

Matthew was just about to call the property management company when they called him first. "Mr. Huo, the smoke detector in your kitchen is ringing," someone from the property management company reported.

"Send someone there at once!"

"Yes, sir!"

After that short conversation, Matthew hung up the phone, and walked towards the elevator at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, he called Owen. "The meeting is adjourned. Ask the operations department to hand over a solution, and postpone the meeting with Mr. Li," he ordered.

"Yes! Mr. Huo."

By the time Matthew rushed back to his villa, the kitchen had already returned to its usual quiet. Even the burnt pot was about to be taken away by the property management company.


The manager was about to call 119 before rushing into the villa.

And the whole fiasco had started with the fact that she wanted to boil a few eggs.

Matthew took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Then he took a very naked and still dirty Ethan from her arms, and demanded, "Get out of the way!"

"I am not proficient in cooking, but I can still bathe him!"

Matthew cast her a sideways glance. "You need to clean yourself first."

"What?" Erica asked in confusion.

With a deep sigh, Matthew told her, "Your face!" He was annoyed now. 'Carlos is so annoying. Why did he go ahead and find me a wife who's as silly as a donkey? Did he want to test my patience?' he thought.

Erica gave Ethan to Matthew, ran towards the mirror, and finally discovered the black stains on her face. Maybe it was because she had touched the black pot and forgotten to wash her hands.

The funny thing was if Matthew didn't say anything, she wasn't even going to know what he had missed to come back to clean up the mess she had made. Matthew had missed a meeting to clean baby poop!

After taking care of Ethan and making sure things were back to normal, Matthew went back to the company.

In his office, just as Paige was about to leave, he called her back all of a sudden. "Paige."

"Yes, Mr. Huo?"

"Let me ask you a question. What does 'Xitala' mean? I mean besides being a surname?"

"Mr. Huo, can you tell me the exact words. I think I'll need a bit of context," Paige asked in surprise.

An awkward look flashed across the man's face, but he finally said, "Matthew Xitala..."

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