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   Chapter 1153 I Have Liked Him For Four Years

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Hyatt hung up the phone and gave it back to Erica. "So are you going to meet Aaron this afternoon?" He was worried that Phoebe's hostile attitude might have affected Erica's temper and so she might have not been in a mood to see her idol anymore.

"Yes, of course!" she answered. Erica didn't let Phoebe's behavior sour her mood as she didn't have to be unhappy for someone unimportant.

However, there was one question that was haunting her thoughts. She wondered if Phoebe was the woman Matthew loved.

Alas! She decided to set her worries aside as it had nothing to do with her. She just wanted to put on a good performance in front of Wesley, hoping to catch him in a good mood one day so he would allow her to divorce Matthew.

However, when she thought of the noodles Matthew had cooked for her last night, her heart ached again and she felt hints of hesitation within herself.

She wanted to divorce the man, but she didn't want to give up his exemplary noodles cooking skills. What a dilemma to be in!

At half past two, Erica took a taxi to ZL Group along with Hyatt. When they got out of the taxi, they saw people crowding in front of the office building. They were mostly fans, who were holding placards with Aaron Gao's name written on them.

In fact, even the security guards standing at the gate had their plates full, as they struggled to keep the crowd in order. None of them recognized Erica as they had just been employed very recently.

Fortunately, Erica spotted Matthew's assistant, Owen Jian, and with his help, she was able to enter ZL Group.

On the floor of the CEO's office, Hyatt was led to the reception room by Owen while Erica entered Matthew's office alone.

Matthew seemed busy, assigning work to Paige. Upon noticing Erica's sudden appearance, Paige greeted her politely.

Erica felt embarrassed as she didn't expect to interrupt them and said, "Please don't let me keep you from your work. I'm in no rush!"

Soon after, Paige left the office.

Matthew cast a glance at the girl who was standing in front of the French window. "If my memory serves me right, didn't you have something important at school this afternoon," he said.

"Yes! But..." Erica strode towards him with excitement and bent over his desk to look him in the eye. With a hint of fawning adoration, she said, "Matthew, I need to ask you a favor!"

He raised his eyebrows and sai

girl into his arms. "People will make irresponsible remarks behind my back if they see you with the other fans. The only way to save myself from embarrassment is to get you a private meeting, but that will depend solely on your sincerity!"

"Sincerity?" 'The same trick again?

I think he wants me to kiss him again. That won't be a problem for me!' Without hesitation, Erica wrapped her hands around the man's neck and planted two kisses on his lips.

In a sweet and obedient voice, she said, "Mr. Huo, are you satisfied with this service?"

Her seductive smile triggered his desires. "Nope! Not yet satisfied!"

Immediately, the smile on her face vanished. Glaring at him angrily, she said, "I know what you want. You are just trying to make things difficult for me, aren't you?"

Matthew was impressed by how fast her facial expressions changed. He raised her chin with his hand and said, "Let me teach you. Remember, if you need my help next time, do this to express your sincerity."

Just as he finished speaking, he lowered his head and pulled her face into a fiery kiss.

One that lasted for at least five minutes! He finally let her go before she suffocated to death.

Leaning against the man's chest, she gasped for air. "No, no, I don't think I can do that again. I'll die..."

"You can't?" The man's magnetic voice reverberated in her head.

Thinking of her idol, Erica gritted her teeth and agreed reluctantly. "I can! Matthew, I will do anything you want!" However, she kept her real thoughts to herself. 'Damn you! I'm not going to let you push me around this like!'

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