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   Chapter 1129 Pants Dropped

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"You broke it?" Cecelia could feel her chest tightening due to Erica's words. "You are a mother now. How on earth can you possibly still be so careless? Is there anything left of it?" she asked.

Erica responded, "I'm afraid there isn't any left. I accidentally spilled all of it over the floor."

Hearing this, Cecelia felt that it was such a shame. Then, she asked again, "That was Matthew's red wine, wasn't it?"

"How come you know that, Grandma?"

"Of course I know. Matthew had brought two bottles of wine for me before, and they were much more valuable than the one you just broke. He mentioned that he had a wine cellar and even asked me to choose a few bottles of wine when I had some spare time." As she told her this, Cecelia couldn't help thinking, 'Matthew is such a considerate person, and he also knows how to please me.'

"Okay," Erica mumbled, feeling so frustrated deep inside. At that moment, she was so depressed that wrinkles appeared on her delicate facial features. "I'm sorry, Grandma, but I have to hang up now so I could clean up the mess."

"All right. There's no point crying over spilled milk, so you shouldn't dwell on it any longer. There's nothing more you can do about it. That being said, since it was your fault, you have to apologize to Matthew when he gets back home. Don't be stubborn, okay?" Cecelia was a bit worried that Erica might start being difficult when she discussed this matter with Matthew.

Matthew probably couldn't care less about a bottle of wine. However, he would certainly care more about her attitude. At the thought of that, Cecelia reminded Erica not to be too stubborn when she told Matthew what happened.


After hanging up, Erica frowned as she grabbed the cleaning tools and began cleaning up the mess on the floor, albeit clumsily.

By the time Matthew finally came back, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. She was just sitting idly in the living room, staring blankly at the TV. As soon as she heard the sound of a car pulling over by the driveway, she immediately sprang up from the sofa.

Then, she quickly put on her slippers and hurriedly ran toward the door.

When she opened the door to the living room before Matthew came in, she saw him outside talking to his assistant.

Hearing the sound of the door being swung open, Matthew stopped talking with his assistant. When he turned to look at Erica who was standing by the door, their eyes met.

Feeling so guilt-stricken, Erica drew back her head and closed the door at once.

After waiting for a while, she heard footsteps drawing closer. So, she gently opened the door and beamed him a sincere smile. "Matthew, you're back from work."

An awkward silence filled the air inside the room.

Erica managed to reac

er would he have expected her to do such a thing.

"I'm unbuckling it!" Erica flatly answered, thinking that she was simply doing what he asked her to.

"All right. Go ahead." Actually, he was just asking her to help him unbutton his shirt.

"Oh," Erica blurted out in an awkward manner, having some difficulty unbuckling his belt. It seemed that she didn't know how to do it. Even after examining the belt for a while, she just couldn't figure it out.

In the end, she decided to ask him. "Matthew, this is a bit tricky. How do you unbuckle it?" Finally, she lost her patience and ended up complaining to him.

Seeing this, he casually pointed toward an inner buckle and said, "Lift it."

Following his instruction, she finally managed to unbuckle it. She felt so relieved as well as a little depressed. "It turns out that it's so simple after all!"


She seemed to have forgotten to hold his pants tight, so they dropped to his ankles.

Because of this, Erica's eyes became wide open in surprise.

Yet Matthew managed to remain calm. "Get me my pajamas."

But he didn't get any response from her, and there was a moment of silence which lasted a few seconds.

Looking in the direction of her gaze, he realized what she had been staring at. As he closed his eyes, he called out in a slightly angry tone, "Erica Li!"

"Ah, yes, I'm here!" It was only then that Erica finally came to her sense; her face flushed red. To hide her embarrassment, she quickly looked away.

"Get me my pajamas. I'm going to take a shower!"

"Okay, okay!" With that, she ran to the walk-in closet, covering her burning cheeks.

But instead of looking for his pajamas, she leaned on the closet to catch her breath.

After what happened, she probably wouldn't unbuckle his belt ever again, because it was so easy to take his pants off!

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