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   Chapter 1117 An Intoxicating Kiss

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Matthew unbuckled his belt and said indifferently, "And you just couldn't wait to call your lover as soon as they were gone, right?"

'My lover?' Erica wondered if he was referring to Hyatt. She had been talking with Hyatt over the phone before he came back. 'So how much did he hear?' "You eavesdropped on my call!"

She was in a rage. She hadn't completely removed the make-up on her face yet. So, with the mascara, eyeliner and the lipstick, her face was colorful. She even had a freshly squeezed dollop of facial cleanser in her hand.

"Eavesdropped?" Matthew took off his belt and threw it aside. He dropped his pants and was in the process of stepping out of the legs. "Don't forget, this is our room. I went back to our room and you were talking on the phone. Was I supposed to find a different room?"

With her eyes wide open, Erica watched him as he undressed. "Hey, Matthew Huo! Y-you...just say what you want to say. Why are you taking off your pants?"

With knitted eyebrows, Matthew looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot. "Don't you take off your clothes before taking a bath?"

Of course she would. What a silly question! The point was why was he undressing while she was still here?

Now, he was wearing only a pair of underwear. Erica was angry and anxious. Immediately, she closed her eyes and turned her back to him. "Fine. The bathroom is yours now," she said angrily.

After that, she opened the door of the bathroom and rushed out.

Erica used the sink in the guest room and finally got her face clean. She then started a shower.

Tonight was their wedding night. Erica didn't want to go back to their bedroom. She was afraid of what would happen if she climbed into the same bed with Matthew.

She wanted a quilt, but she couldn't find anything like that in any of the other rooms, so she reluctantly returned to their bedroom.

On the big red wedding bed, a man in light gray pajamas was sitting up in bed and looking at his phone, leaning against the headboard. When he saw her come in, Matthew only lifted his eyes a bit, saying nothing.

His indifference relieved Erica. That was exactly what she was hoping for. It would be better if Matthew weren't interested in her!

Erica slowly applied some skin-care lotion to her face, and sat there, brushing and blow-drying her hair. A


"Yeah, Dad. It's important. I want to..." She paused, trying to summon the right words.

"What do you want?"

"I want to go home." 'Matthew is too much.'

"You're at home now, aren't you? You don't live here anymore. Where do you want to go?"

Erica pouted her lips, feeling sad. Her dad was so cruel to her. Wasn't she a member of the Li family anymore? Was it just because she was married? "I want to go back to my parents' house."

"I see. Well, you won't have long to wait. Two days from now, you and Matthew will come to visit, according to the custom," Wesley reminded her.

Erica said anxiously, "I don't want to wait two days. I really want to go home now." She missed her father, mother, brother, sister, Feb, her bed, and her mom's cooking. She just missed everything about the Li family. She was really homesick.

Ignoring her anxiety, Wesley said calmly, "Really, honey. It's just first day jitters. You'll be fine."

"Dad!" She was so angry that she stamped her feet.

"I know what you're thinking. Just give it up. Go to bed now. We're going to bed, too. Good night!" Wesley hung up the phone, his teeth gnashing.

Erica's eyes turned red with sadness as she stared at her phone.

She had always known that Wesley could be heartless sometimes, but she didn't expect him to be so harsh.

Blair looked at her husband worriedly.

"Honey, why did you do that? Rika will be heartbroken."

Wesley put the phone aside silently. He knew she was sad. But she was married, now. She had to get used to her new life.

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