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   Chapter 1069 Build My Own Family

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Sheffield turned around to leave.

Peterson ignored his harsh tone and continued to explain with a sigh, "I just want you to formally come back to the Tang family. You are a strong man now. Even without my protection, you can take care of yourself. I'm relieved."

Ignoring him, Sheffield opened the car door.

"Sheffield," Peterson called desperately.

As far as Sheffield knew, Peterson was only acting sentimental to get his forgiveness. He stood there and impatiently scratched his hair. "You don't have to play the love card with me. I couldn't care less. If it weren't for Evelyn, I would've left Y City after proving Mom's innocence. I wouldn't have taken over Theo Group either. But because I did, I am being targeted by enemies from all over the place, and some of them are closer than you think, just waiting to stab me in the back. I don't want more trouble." And on top of the danger to his life, there was an endless storm of files to go through every day and he had no time to rest. It was frustrating.

The only reason why he hadn't quit his job as CEO was Evelyn.

If Sheffield was the unruly legendary beast, then Evelyn was the beast tamer, the only one capable of conquering him.

Peterson tried to persuade him. "Since you've already come this far for Evelyn, wouldn't it be good if you took back your place in the Tang family and included Evelyn's and your daughter's names in our family tree?"

"No, thank you. I'll build my own family. It'll be just the three of us in our residence booklet. No other Tangs! I need peace!" He didn't want a single other person intruding in their paradise, except maybe another cute kid.

And anyway, what was so good about being a part of the Tang family? Nothing! There was no good reason to insert their names in that family tree.

Peterson sighed heavily at his son's stubbornness and let him leave.

The old man stood there, pondering for a long time. And then, he had a better idea to persuade Sheffield.

At ZL Group

Evelyn was working on her computer when Nadia walked in. "Miss Huo, Mr. Tang from Theo Group is here to see you."


s car.

At first, Peterson had planned on taking Lea with him, but Sheffield disagreed. In the end, the father-son duo, along with a few of Sheffield's friends, went to the Huo family manor.

In the Huo family manor

The manor was bustling with people. Most of them were Carlos' friends. Wesley and Blair were already at the manor. Then came Damon and Adriana, followed by Curtis and Colleen. Ivan and Kasie were present too, along with Dixon and Garnet, Xavier and his wife and even Kinsley and Yates, accompanied by their wives.

On the way to the manor, Sheffield picked up Joshua and his parents. Gifford was headed to the manor on his own.

The manor was large. Even with over twenty people and a few servants in the living room, it still didn't seem crowded.

Since it was an important event, everyone was dressed formally. The men were in suits, and the women were delicately dressed.

The living room was bustling with excitement. Gwyn was playing with a windmill in her hand. Everyone took turns to hold her, and the little girl was very happy to see all these people in one place.

She exclaimed loudly when she saw Sheffield, "Daddy! Daddy!" She ran to him with a big smile on her face.

The little girl was dressed in purple, and she looked so adorable that even Peterson, who wasn't fond of kids, was excited to see her. He was so glad that this cute little girl was his granddaughter.

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