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   Chapter 1066 Erica's Standard For A Boyfriend

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Carlos' words had a hint of menace in the way he said it, a low growl underlying his words. Sheffield trembled slightly, immediately forming an imagination of what his life would be as his future son-in-law. Taking Evelyn's hand in his, Sheffield whispered in her ear, "Please tell me you're going to save me when the time comes?"

Evelyn giggled, gently nudging him on the shoulder and said, "Don't tell me you're going to let him push you around?"

As far as she could remember, Sheffield's quick-wittedness and cunning use of guile saw him through any obstacle Carlos threw at him in the past. In fact, even though Carlos would never admit it to it, his failure to deal with Sheffield made him even angrier, so much so that he wanted to punch Sheffield's smug face every time he saw him.

"I mean...that was all in the past. Everything is going to change when I become his son-in-law," Sheffield said, his face turning pale with each word. Sheffield had a valid point, because at the end of the day once he and Evelyn were married, Carlos would become his father-in-law. Even he knew well that the father was always going to be the boss of family!

Sheffield never thought Carlos would let him marry his daughter so easily.

When he walked out of the manor, he caught sight of Gifford leisurely smoking a cigarette. "Did you get what I asked you to?"

Gifford tilted his head, gesturing towards his car and said, "It's inside the glove compartment. You've spent two years looking for it. Is it a gift for Uncle Carlos?"

"Yes!" Sheffield admitted without hesitation.

Gifford patted him on the shoulder and said, "Bro, I have to admit, I have a lot to learn from you."

Not only did Sheffield treat Evelyn with deep affection, but he also cared for his future parents-in-law.

After all, how could he not be good to Carlos and Debbie? "They've raised and cared for Evelyn for thirty years and now I'm just going to take her away from them. Buying them gifts isn't nearly enough to show my gratitude towards them for giving me their daughter's hand in marriage."

"What about Gwyn? Don't you think leaving her alone in that manor is a bit harsh?" Gifford asked.

"You think I don't know that? She is my daughter. How could any father bear to be away from his child?" Sheffield's lips broke into a cunning grin and he continued, "This will become my home too after we get married. I'll bring back Evelyn every day." In that case, it didn't matter where Gwyn lived because Sheffield could see her at any time he wanted.

Gifford admired Sheffield's perseverance and his devotion towards Evelyn. "Sounds like you're planning on becoming a living-in son-in-law!"

"So what? At least Evelyn will be happy. Not all women in the world can live with their parents after getting married. This is a

mily backgrounds coming together. Matthew, am I right?"

Matthew's attention, however, was focused on watching Gwyn playing. Everyone wondered whether he had heard what Erica had said, as he answered perfunctorily, "Yes, I think Erica is right."

"See? Dad, even Matthew thinks I'm right!" Erica cocked her head to one side with a sly smile, like a toddler coaxing a treat from a grownup.

Wesley cast a sullen stare at Matthew, who had long turned back to Gwyn. He snorted irritably towards Erica and said, "Two people with the same social status and family backgrounds? No problem. I'll just find a young man from a military family for you. That will be a good match."

"Please don't do that, Dad. Military men are seldom around their family. I'm afraid I might do something wrong if he doesn't return home for a long time!" Erica blurted out the words without even thinking, but everyone understood what she meant by the words "something wrong."

Wesley stood up at once and drew his hand back to deliver an open-handed reckoning.

Blair and Debbie had gone upstairs to have a private talk and Terilynn wasn't there at the moment. The only people sitting around the living room were Carlos, Evelyn, Matthew, Sheffield, Wesley, Erica and Gifford.

Gifford had seen this play before. When it came to Erica, Wesley's bark was always worse than his bite. Although he had raised his hand, he would never actually hit her. Even on the off chance that he did, he would never hit her hard enough to hurt.

However, the other people in the room had no idea about that.

Evelyn jumped up from her seat in a hurry and insisted, "Uncle Wesley, don't be angry. I think Erica was just kidding."

Carlos put down the teapot, stood up and grabbed Wesley's wrist. "What are you doing? She is just a kid. A good scolding would do the job. Why would you raise your hand?"

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