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   Chapter 1062 Rich Ladies And Scholars

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Evelyn laughed. She was amused by Sheffield's strange logic about love.

Just as she opened her mouth to counter him, the doorbell rang.

She looked at Sheffield in confusion. "Are you expecting someone?" She was still in her pajamas since she hadn't left the apartment all day.

"No. It's probably just Joshua or Gifford." Sheffield shrugged. Besides Evelyn, only those two would come to his apartment unannounced.

But when he opened the door, Sheffield was surprised to see two people he was least expecting to come knocking at his door.

Matthew stood outside the door with his usual frown, accompanied by a teenage girl. She looked like a quick-witted, mischievous girl. Sheffield had never seen her before. He asked Matthew, "Your girlfriend?" 'She looks underage. Matthew, you little...' Sheffield thought in disbelief, staring at the pair.

Before Matthew could reply, the girl shook her head back and forth in a hurry. "Hello, handsome! No, I'm not his girlfriend. We are barely acquainted." She side-glanced at Matthew. The most contact she had had with him was a year ago when she had gone to America and had to stay at his place for a few days. But even then, they seldom talked to each other.

She looked away from Matthew, more interested in the handsome man who had opened the door for them.

"Erica?" Evelyn called. She was about to go to the bedroom to change when she heard the girl's voice from the corridor. Confused, she walked towards the door.

Sheffield moved aside to make way for the guests.

As soon as they entered the living room, Erica ran into Evelyn's arms. "Evelyn! I missed you so much!" It had been half a year since they had last met.

Evelyn was still surprised, but also put her arms around the girl. "It's really you! When did you arrive in Y City?" she beamed. Being around Erica had always been blissful for her.

"I met Matthew at the airport. He said he was coming to see you. So, I tagged along," Erica said in a chirpy voice. When Matthew's flight touched down at the airport, he was informed that Wesley and Blair were coming to Y City with Erica as well. So, he had waited for them at the airport.

"Wow, this is such a pleasant surprise! Well, have a seat. I have to change my clothes. I will be right back," Evelyn said.

Erica nodded, "Okay." Jus

' Sheffield shook his head with a smirk. "Your father is no ordinary old man. You know that."

"You are not an ordinary man, either. I won't just sit idly and watch my sister get cut off from our family. You are coming to the Huo family manor with me later to try every means necessary to get Dad's approval."

"Sounds like a plan, but I have an appointment to keep with Joshua and Gifford this afternoon. Shall we go there tonight?"

"Gifford? You know my brother?" Erica looked at Sheffield in astonishment.

Only then did Sheffield realize that they had the same surname—Li. "Oh! So, you are Mi—I mean, the sister Gifford always talks about?" Sheffield said.

"You were going to say 'Miss Troublemaker, ' weren't you?" Erica scoffed. She knew her brother well enough to know that much, but she didn't care. "My brother wouldn't say anything good about me. I know that."

"I'm sure that Gifford was just exaggerating. You're a cute girl," Sheffield said sincerely. After all, she was only fifteen. It was normal for a girl of her age to be energetic and cause a little trouble here and there.

"Yes, he is definitely exaggerating. In fact, I'm a really nice girl," Erica declared proudly.

If either Wesley or Gifford were present there at the time, they would have thrown Erica out of the room. She was the worst troublemaker they had ever met.

Sheffield burst into laughter. He was impressed by the girl's personality. "You're right. Anyway, I'm going to see Gifford this afternoon. Do you want to come with me?" he asked.

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