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   Chapter 1054 A Formal Marriage Proposal

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Later that night, with Evelyn's help, Sheffield personally bathed Gwyn and tucked her into bed. Then, he asked someone to bring him a stack of children's storybooks and began reading the kid some of those stories.

Evelyn left them to bond and went into the bathroom. Gwyn's giggles could be heard from the bedroom. She had to accept that Sheffield really knew how to take care of kids.

After playing with her daddy for about half an hour, the little girl gradually drifted off to sleep as Sheffield read to her the story about a happy dinosaur.

After making sure that Gwyn was safely tucked in bed, and confirming that Evelyn was still in the shower, Sheffield walked to the study to make an urgent phone call.

"Old Fan, I need a favor," he said when Joshua picked the call.

"Fuck off! You are the old fan!" Joshua bellowed.

"Oh please, Dear Joshua. Where is your girlfriend now? I need a favor from her."

"Get lost! And don't 'Dear Joshua' me!"

Sheffield grunted, "Are you gonna help me or not?"

"Let's see. Call me 'Big Brother.'"

Sheffield rolled his eyes so hard that they could have fallen out the back of his head. But he said it anyway. "Big Brother." After all, Joshua was older than him, so it was not that big of a deal. However, once he got married to Evelyn, he would be the elder brother-in-law. And that would naturally warrant Joshua to show him some respect. Sheffield planned on making the most out of his superiority then.

Feeling perfectly content, Joshua replied enthusiastically, "So, Maestro Tang, what do you want from your big bro?"

"When my life was on the line that day, I had given Evelyn the diamond ring, but she is not wearing it. I guess she has left it in the Huo family manor. Ask Terilynn to search for it in Evelyn's collection room and bring it to me. No, just ask her to find out if it's there. I'll go get it myself."

"What? How can you take back the ring you've already given to her? You trying to go back on your words? That's not cool, man."

"You think I would go back on my word, you idiot big bro?" Sheffield chided. "I had no choice but to hastily give the ring to Evelyn that day. I was pretty sure that I was gonna die. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to survive. Now that I've recovered, I have to apologize to my lady love for my faults and make a formal marriage proposal. I want to


Sheffield's smile was bitter. He knew that it was time to tell her about his past. Leaning against the headboard, he started, "Let me tell you why Peterson disowned me. There are three reasons behind it. First one was that I slept with my sister-in-law. Second, three million dollars was transferred into my bank account all of a sudden. He said that I was involved in some shady business. And the last reason was that I burned my grandfather's traditional Chinese medicine notes. That kind of drove him off the edge."

Mooney's traditional Chinese medicine notes were worth at least a hundred million dollars.

Of course, the financial loss was not the reason why Peterson was angry. What mattered most was that those notes were the painstaking efforts of Mooney's entire life.

Sheffield raised his thick eyebrows at Evelyn and asked, "So, what's your guess? Do you think that I slept with Kaylee?"

Evelyn's heart skipped a beat. Then she remembered what he had told her whilst they were in D City a long time ago. He had told her that he had never slept with any other woman before her. She answered, "You didn't."

"You are wrong. I did sleep with Kaylee."

Evelyn's face went pale. She stared at the man in disbelief, who now had a playful smile on his face.

"But," he added, which made Evelyn extremely nervous.

With a mysterious smile, he continued, "Yes, we did sleep under the same quilt. But nothing happened. It was the same case when Mr. Huo tricked us two years ago. Remember that? He made you and Joshua sleep in the same bed to separate us."

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