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   Chapter 1053 I'm Injured

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Updated: 2020-03-26 00:12

"My stomach..."

"I'll call the doctor!" Evelyn exclaimed in a hurry.

Sheffield grabbed her hand and quickly explained, "No, no. I'm just hungry. You've obviously never taken care of a patient. I haven't eaten anything in days, so of course, I'm starving!"

Evelyn was a little embarrassed. Indeed, she had never taken care of anyone in the hospital before. She shook off his hand and made a call. "Bring some food suitable for a patient. Yes, liquid food."

After she hung up, Sheffield grabbed her hand again and stared at her fingers. There was just a colorful Cat's Eye ring on her finger. "Where is the ring I gave you?"

"I threw it away." She annoyed him on purpose.

"Eve, tell me the truth," he pleaded.

Looking at the ring on her finger, Evelyn smirked. "It's true. I thought you wouldn't wake up, so I threw it away. I was going to find someone else to buy me a new ring."

Pouting at her, he put his hand around Gwyn to prevent the little girl from falling from his lap. "Eve, I'm injured," he said in a distressed tone.

"I know."

"Tell me why you are angry."

"I'm not angry!" She was just…a little sad.

"I'm sorry for whatever I did. But look at all these wounds. Please don't be mad at me right now, okay?" He released her hand and showed her the infusion tube on the back of his hand.

Evelyn heaved a sigh and went in to scoop up the kid into her arms.

"Gwyn, come to Mommy. Let your dad get some rest."

Sheffield had slept for seven days straight and was in high spirits; he felt no need to rest any further. "I'm fine. Come to me, Gwyn."

Evelyn was genuinely worried about his health. He had just woken up. She was afraid that he would tire himself out easily if he continued to play with Gwyn. So, she decided to keep the baby away from him for a while.

However, the little girl stretched out her arms and leaned towards Sheffield, almost falling out of her arms. Evelyn was startled and quickly gathered her tightly. She then carefully put the kid next to the man.

This time, Sheffield made sure to hug his girlfriend too. With his left hand around his daughter and right hand holding Evelyn, he said, "Evelyn, thank you for giving me such an adorable daughter."

He still felt li

, "Gwyn, call me 'Daddy' and we'll all stay here tonight together. Sound good?"

Gwyn looked around his bedroom and cast a scornful glance at him. "Small."

'Small?' Sheffield glanced around his bedroom, which covered more than forty square meters. Gwyn thought that this was small?

He groaned, feeling frustrated with himself for not noticing it before. "All right! If you call me 'Daddy' again, I'll buy you a bigger house! What do you say?"

"Daddy!" she said again with a wide smile.

Even though he had heard her calling him "Daddy" a thousand times already, he was still pleased by it every single time. "Sweetheart, I'm gonna take you to see a big house tomorrow!"


Standing at the door to the bedroom, Evelyn shook her head resignedly. "There's no need for you to buy a new house. This is enough."

He disagreed without a second thought. "No way! My daughter claims that the house is small, so we have to move into a bigger one. It's decided." His apartment was about two hundred square meters. He had been living here alone comfortably, but it was not big enough for a family.

On top of that, he didn't feel that this apartment was safe after the incident. He didn't want to put his wife and daughter in any danger.

Evelyn didn't argue. She was loved and well-protected by Carlos, so she knew very well how a loving father would spoil his daughter without a care in the world. She realized that Sheffield was also a slave to his daughter, just like Carlos.

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