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   Chapter 1052 His Daughter

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Evelyn stroked Gwyn's little head and persuaded, "Gwyn, you shouldn't hit your dad. It's wrong."

Gwyn widened her eyes at her mom, and continued to slap Sheffield in the face again, ignoring her words.

"Gwyn! Why won't you listen to me? Mommy is gonna be very upset," Evelyn said patiently.

Seeing that her mom was unhappy, the little girl felt wronged and pouted. "But Daddy...won't get up..."

"Daddy is sick. He will get up, but not just yet. Do you understand?"

"Hit him, he will get up," the little girl blurted out to Evelyn's surprise. Uncle Joshua had told her so. With the good uncle's words in mind, she lifted her little hand and patted on Sheffield's face again and again.

Evelyn put the towel aside and walked towards Gwyn with a sigh.

At that moment, Sheffield was having a dream. There were many people in it, surrounding him and calling out to him. One of them was a little cutie. She glared at him angrily and asked him why he was still sleeping.

When he didn't respond to her, the little girl slapped him a few times across the face.

"Gwyn..." he mumbled in his sleep.

Evelyn froze as she was about to scoop her daughter up. Was she hearing things? She wasn't sure.

In his dream, Gwyn just stood there and stared at him angrily, pouting her lips.

"Gwyn..." Sheffield said her name again.

This time, Evelyn was sure that she didn't mishear. The man was in the hospital bed, his face as pale as a sheet, and he was still calling out their daughter's name.

She was excited, and tears threatened to fall from her eyes. He was calling out Gwyn's name even in a coma. She was thrilled, yet a little upset. 'What about me?' she thought. Could it be that she was less important to him than their daughter now?

Of course, the unconscious Sheffield had no idea of Evelyn's growing jealousy. In his dream, he focused all his attention on the little girl. This time, Gwyn finally reacted to him. Unlike her usual silence, she fluently said, "Stop sleeping. Get up and play with me. I have a lollipop for you. Don't you want it?"

Sleep? Was he sleeping? Sheffield tried to open his eyes. The first thing he saw were the big bright eyes of the same cutie from his dream.

But the light in the hospital room was so dazzling that he had to close his eyes again.

Gwyn climbed on top of him. Evelyn stood next t

bout Gwyn. I sent you a message, but you didn't reply. And you refused to answer my calls."

"My bad. What about after we met again? Why didn't you tell me about her earlier? We've been together for so long." He was drowning in an ocean of regrets. If he had known that Evelyn was pregnant at that time, he wouldn't have left her. He had missed her pregnancy and Gwyn's birth.

"You told me that we couldn't get back together. I came to see you in your office, but you refused to meet with me. You even declared that there were a lot of women around you, and no space for me. Why would I tell you about Gwyn when you had no interest in being with her mother?" Evelyn glared daggers at him.

Sheffield felt helpless as she recounted all the stupid things he had said and done. He had asked this for himself. "It's my fault. I was an idiot. I apologize, Eve. Now, can I have a hug? Please?"

She stood rooted to her spot and said childishly, "No need. You have your daughter now. You can hug her. What do I matter to anyone anymore?"

"Well, she is my new found daughter. But I also want hugs from my lovely girlfriend." Sheffield figured out the reason for her anger.

Ignoring him, Evelyn took out her phone and made a call. "Uncle Peterson, Sheffield is awake. Yes. Oh, I see."

Sheffield frowned. He had to trick her into giving him her attention. "Ah!" Sheffield moaned with a painful expression on his face. "Evelyn, I..."

Hearing his troubled voice, Evelyn immediately walked over to him and asked, "What's wrong? Are you in pain? Where does it hurt?"

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