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   Chapter 1051 Our Child

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 9268

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It had already been five days since Sheffield disappeared. Evelyn finally received some information about him, but she was the only one who was informed.

The second she saw Sheffield, Evelyn, who had stayed strong for five days, couldn't help but burst into tears. Her knees began to give up on her so she hold onto the door.

The small hut was filled with a strong smell of blood. Everywhere she looked, there were bloodstains.

On the ground, a man covered in blood was lying on a stack of hay. From where she was standing, she could already see the wounds all over his body.

"Shef..." Evelyn sobbed, his name stuck in her throat.

She walked towards him very slowly. She had been praying for this moment, but seeing him in that way, her heart ached with every heavy step she took.

Before she could clearly see his face, she thought she might be mistaken. A part of her was wishing that it wasn't him. There was no way this wounded, broken man, lying almost lifeless on the ground was her Sheffield.

When Sheffield heard the sound from the door, he moved a little and turned his head, which was also covered with wounds and blood. When he saw that it was the woman he had been missing so much, he smiled with great difficulty. "Ev—"

His throat was dry since he hadn't had any water for days. Blood oozed out his mouth while he tried so hard to smile.

Evelyn covered her mouth with both hands. Even though tears were streaming down her cheeks like torrents of flood, she tried her best not to cry out loud.

He reached out his injured hand to her and said in a hoarse voice, "Eve... I missed you." Throughout this ordeal, there were times when he had thought that he would never see her again. Thank every god in this universe. He was able to take one last look at the woman he loved so deeply.

Evelyn didn't know how she managed to walk up to him. The next thing she knew, she was kneeling on the ground and was holding Sheffield's scarred hand. "Sheffield." She called his name, weeping.

The playful and lively man she saw just a few days ago was now covered with wounds and on the brink of dying. She couldn't comprehend the situation at all. 'How did everything become this messed up?' Evelyn thought to herself.

Bearing all the pain, Sheffield pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to Evelyn. "Eve, you." He was afraid that if he didn't tell her now, he wouldn't have a chance to do so in the future.

He loved her with all his heart. To him, there was no doubts about her. Evelyn was more important than his life.

Evelyn lowered her head to look at his hand. It was a ring, sparkling all its glory on top of his wounded hand. Mounted in the middle of the ring was a red diamond the size of a pigeon egg, surroun

but he hadn't woken up yet.

After putting the little girl on the floor, Evelyn took out a lollipop and unwrapped it. "Have some. Mommy is going to wipe Daddy's face."

Gwyn took the lollipop and put it in her mouth.

When Evelyn went into the bathroom, the little girl climbed on top of the bed. She crawled very closely to Sheffield whose eyes were still closed. She then took out the lollipop filled with saliva from her mouth and put it on his mouth. "Candies, eat candies," she said.

Soon enough, Sheffield's lips and chin were covered with saliva and the sticky candy.

When Evelyn came out of the bathroom, she saw Gwyn lying beside Sheffield while still licking the lollipop in her mouth. Then, she took it out and placed it on Sheffield's lips again. "One lick for you, one lick for me."

Evelyn was amused. Instead of scolding her daughter, she just reminded the little girl. "Gwyn, you can't share a lollipop with others, especially when someone like your dad right here is sleeping."

Gwyn looked at her mom and protested, "But if Dad eats enough candies, he'll soon wake up."

"Fine, as long as you're happy." Gwyn had changed a lot since she found out that Sheffield was her father. Although she was still hesitant with meeting strangers, she had improved a lot compared to several months ago.

Wiping off the saliva and the sticky sugar on the corners of his lips, Evelyn said softly, "If you don't wake up soon, your daughter will soon beat you."

Just as soon as she was finished speaking, a loud slapping sound was heard in the room. It was so loud, it actually resounded in all corners of the room.

Evelyn was so stunned, she looked at the little girl in utter disbelief. The girl didn't seem to know that she just did something wrong. She lifted her little hand and gave her dad another slap in the face.

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