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   Chapter 1050 Kaylee's Disgrace

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 7275

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Kaylee flicked her cigarette, shedding the cherry. "You're such a level-headed woman, Miss Huo. You deserve to be a CEO."

"Thank you for the compliment, my sister-in-law. I just believe in Sheffield," Evelyn smirked.

"You trust him that much? Love him that much?"

Evelyn looked her in the eye and admitted, "Yeah!"

Kaylee blew out a mouthful of smoke in a sensual manner. "Sheffield's a lucky guy. He charmed a beautiful woman like you. But don't mind me. You know many women are head over heels for him. You're just one of them. Men are greedy. You should keep an eye on him."

Evelyn stood there, her eyes devoid of any emotion. "You may be right. But I'm pretty sure Sheffield's not like that. Thanks for the warning, though."

Her tone was flat, but she was naturally noble and aggressive. It shone through her words, and Kaylee was intimidated.

That was really annoying!

"You're welcome. Let's go. I'll guide you in." Kaylee randomly threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stepped on it to put it out, then walked into the Tang family's house.

Evelyn glanced at the cigarette butt on the ground. With a frown, she turned to Felix and stretched out her hand. "Hand me a tissue," she requested.

Felix pulled out a tissue from his pocket and handed it to her. Evelyn bent over and picked up the cigarette butt from the ground, tissue wrapped around it.

Kaylee walking ahead felt that Evelyn wasn't following her. When she turned her head, she saw that the CEO was bending over to pick up the cigarette butt. She smiled, "Looks like you're a germophobe too, just like Sheffield."

Without answering her question, Evelyn wrapped the cigarette end in the tissue. She found no wastebaskets anywhere nearby, so she handed it to Felix and said, "Throw this away."

"Yes, Miss Huo!"

Then, Evelyn turned to the woman opening the door, and shook her head. "I'm not a clean freak. I don't want this cigarette butt to affect the way people see the family."

'You're so good at pretending, ' Kaylee thought scornfully. Nonetheless, she just smiled and said nothing.

Peterson hadn't gone to bed yet. He was still burning the midnight oil in his

hadn't seen him in a while, so she became more withdrawn.

When Evelyn came back home that night, Gwyn didn't even call her Mom. It seemed like the little girl was angry at her.

For the past three days, Evelyn kept dialing Sheffield's number, but his phone was still off.

She had driven her car and searched everywhere in the city, but couldn't find any trace of him.

On Day 5, before going to bed, Evelyn got a call from an unknown number. The person on the other end spoke in some dialect that was hard to understand. "Are you Evleen Kuo?"

"Um... Excuse me? Who's that?"

"Ev... Evleen... Evelyn." The man tried hard to sound her name out.

"Yes, this is her. And who are you?"

"I am..."

In the middle of the night, Evelyn left the manor with a group of bodyguards.

Carlos wanted to go with Evelyn, but she refused. "Dad, please stay here and take care of Gwyn. Gwyn and Mom need you. I have a small army of bodyguards. I'll be fine."

"Okay. Keep in touch," Carlos nodded resignedly.

"I will."

They drove along the expressway all night. It wasn't until daybreak that Evelyn saw the sign for "Van City."

Since she was only thirty kilometers away from her destination, her heart beat faster and faster.

Evelyn finally found Sheffield in a shabby hut. When she arrived at the cottage, she saw a crowd of villagers gathered outside. She posted several bodyguards to guard at the door and then walked in alone.

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