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   Chapter 1049 Disappearance

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Evelyn pictured in her head how she, Gwyn, and Sheffield would live a happy life together. A wide smile found its way to her lips. Happiness and contentment filled her heart.

That day, she put on a pink dress, a pair of beautiful beige shoes with kitten heels, and at last, she applied a thin layer of makeup.

When she was about to leave her bedroom with Gwyn, she saw that Carlos was walking towards them hastily. When he saw Evelyn, he quickly opened his mouth, seemingly to say something but no words were able to come out.

"Father, what's wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?" Evelyn had rarely seen her father so anxious.

Carlos noticed that Evelyn and Gwyn had delicately dressed up, so he asked, "Evelyn, are you going to meet Sheffield?"

Evelyn was impressed by how perceptive her father was. She had no intention of hiding anything from him since he had already noticed it. So she briefly answered with a yes. Afraid that Carlos wouldn't allow her to take Gwyn to meet Sheffield, she quickly added, "Gwyn has been making spectacular progress lately. I want her to see Sheffield more often."

Carlos had actually been with Gwyn every day. He certainly knew about Gwyn's progress. However... "Something happened to Sheffield," he eventually told her.

"What did you just say?" Evelyn couldn't believe what she just heard. She was so confused that she could only stare at her father.

"It's true, Evelyn. But first, please calm down and listen to me carefully." Carlos tried to soothe Evelyn while he took Gwyn from her arms.

Evelyn's hands trembled. "What happened to him?"

"It happened after he went back to his apartment last night. He called Joshua. But when Joshua arrived at Imperial City Avenue, he couldn't find Sheffield. Joshua had already segregated his men into two groups. The troops had searched Lush Hill Road and Sward Road. Finally, they found Sheffield's car in the suburbs."

Evelyn's face turned pale. But she managed to ask while still trembling, "And then?"

"There were traces of struggle around the car, and... there was blood." It wasn't easy for Carlos to tell his daughter about it. He didn't want to make her worried, but he knew that it would be better if it came from him. "It's still not sure whether it's Sheffield's blood, but it's being tested right now."

"So, where is he now?"

"Nobody knows," Carlos honestly replied.

'Nobody knows where Sheffield is.' It was slowly sinking in for Evelyn. She felt light-headed as if her head were about to explode or she was about to faint.

Without a second thought, she lifted her dress and dashed towards the door. Carlos grabbed her hand and called out, "Evelyn! Evelyn, calm down."


you?" Evelyn didn't move despite Kaylee's urging.

When Kaylee heard this question, she was completely surprised and a little offended. She asked, "Don't you know me?"

'Why should I know you?' Evelyn wondered.

"I'm the one who Sheffield slept with more than ten years ago. How can you not know me?" There was no sign of embarrassment or shame in her tone. Instead, she stared at Evelyn in astonishment.

Evelyn finally understood. With composure, she plainly replied, "It's all in the past."

'So, she is Sterling's wife, the one who Sterling and Gillian claimed that Sheffield had slept with, ' Evelyn thought, finally having some sense of clarity.

Kaylee got even more interested in Evelyn after hearing what she said. "Impressive! Miss Huo, as one of the most successful and influential women in Y City, you're really tolerant." Kaylee thought that not every woman could bear such kind of thing, so she complimented Evelyn. Even though, it might not have sounded like a compliment.

Kaylee took out a lady's cigarette from her handbag and lit it up in front of Evelyn. Then she said, "A few days ago, your boyfriend said to me that no woman is more fun than a sister-in-law. He wanted to have sex with me. Did you know that?"

Her tone and action were wild and charming, which was indeed the type that a lot of men liked.

Evelyn was stunned for a second, but then she regained her composure and said with a smile, "Sheffield always speaks without thinking. He might have just been fooling around. If he offended you, please forgive him."

Holding the cigarette between her fingers, Kaylee carefully stared at the woman in front of her, who still looked dignified. It seemed like she wanted to break Evelyn's composure. But to her disappointment, Evelyn only gave her a faint smile.

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