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   Chapter 1048 The Break-in And The Trap

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Joshua rolled in bed lazily. "I'm gonna pass. It's midnight and I'm already in bed."

Sheffield calmly walked towards the door and said, "All right. Where shall we meet?"

"What? I said I'm not coming, dude!" Joshua was exhausted. He had been very busy lately and just wanted to sleep.

"Got it. I'll be there soon."

As soon as Sheffield put his hand on the doorknob of his front door, he heard a noise behind him. He tried to open the door quickly, but the lock had been deliberately tampered with.

All of a sudden, the lights in the living room went out. A figure rushed towards him in the dark, and a shining dagger came at him.

Sheffield briskly dodged the attack.

He moved a few feet away from the attacker and measured him up. The person was wearing a long black latex overcoat, with its hood over his head, and a ghost-face mask covering his entire face, except his eyes.

Normally this was where anyone would run screaming, but Sheffield was fearless.

He reacted quickly and threw a kick. The attacker deftly dodged, and so, the fight began.

After a few moves, Sheffield was sure that this was the man who had tried to kill him in the suburbs last time. "Who the hell are you?" he asked.

Without answering, the man lunged forward to stab his target.

Sheffield jumped across the sofa to put some distance between them. "I have to know why you're doing this. You tried to kill me two years ago, and here you are again. Tell me, is this personal or did someone send you?"

The masked guy seemed to be highly skilled in kung fu. Every move he made was aimed to kill. From his moves and seeing how he had sabotaged his apartment, Sheffield was sure that this was definitely not the first time this guy had done this. He was a professional.

Again, the attacker remained silent. He took something out of his pocket and tossed it in the air.

Sheffield was quick to realize what it was. 'Damn! That's drug powder! This can't be good!'

He held his breath and ran towards the study to stay away from the poisonous powder. The attacker sped to catch up with him.

When Sheffield reached the study, to his dismay, he found that the wires in the study had been cut. He had intended to use some tools to protect himself, but that was not an option anymore.

Knowing that the man was well prepared, Sheffield concentrated on dealing with him first and waited for

back and pushed open Darius' door. Darius was asleep. "Dad! Someone is going after Sheffield. I'm heading to Imperial City Avenue to help him. Send some policemen over!" Joshua said loudly into the dark room.

Darius turned on the bedside lamp. Hearing that Sheffield was in danger, he cleared his head and said decisively, "Okay, you go ahead. I'm on it!"

Joshua drove in the direction of Imperial City Avenue. On his way, he called some others for help.

Sheffield followed the other car to the end of Imperial City Avenue. As expected, the masked man headed to Lush Hill Road.

However, soon after, several other cars started showing up out of nowhere, following him closely behind. 'It was a trap, ' Sheffield realized.

He turned at an intersection and pulled into a path leading to a secluded area.

It was not until the next afternoon that Evelyn heard about what had happened to Sheffield. She had just dressed Gwyn up in a beautiful pink dress. Her hair was so short that it could barely be tied. But Evelyn managed it and tied her daughter's hair with two adorable hair ties.

"Sweetie, you're going to meet your daddy soon. But you must listen to Mommy, Gwyn. If I ask you to call him 'Uncle, ' you should call him 'Uncle.' And if Mommy tells you can call him 'Daddy, ' then you can call him 'Daddy.' Okay, sweetie?"

Gwyn nodded quickly. Her reaction had become more and more normal these days, which made Evelyn happy.

If Sheffield's being around could help Gwyn return to normal and give her a complete family, Evelyn was willing to propose to Sheffield herself.

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