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   Chapter 1044 Dear Sheffield

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Gillian begged, "Sheffield and I are deeply in love. Miss Huo, please stop pestering him. I know you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and I am not as good as you, but please don't do this to me. Please don't steal my boyfriend!"

Almost everyone in the city knew about Sheffield and Evelyn; the employees of ZL Group were no exception.

But Gillian's sudden outburst took them by surprise. Although they were shocked by the news, they didn't dare to raise their heads to look at Gillian or Evelyn. They could only lend their ears while they pretended to be engrossed in work.

Many in the finance department knew that Sheffield had gone as Gillian's partner for the department dinner once. So, at least some of them were uncertain as to what to believe.

"What's going on here?"

A familiar voice came from behind Evelyn. She turned around and asked in surprise, "Dad?"

"Mr. Huo?" Gillian said in feigned surprise. She had long before seen him walking toward them.

Carlos and Dixon approached the two women. Carlos looked at Gillian, his eyes as sharp as daggers. "What did you just say?" he asked.

There was pin-drop silence around him. That was the kind of power Carlos wielded; the situation was now under his complete control.

Gillian was startled by his piercing look. She lowered her head to avoid his sharp gaze, and tried to sound upset. "Sheffield told me that he was being forced to be with Miss Huo. She is so domineering that he has no choice but to listen to her."

She had heard that Carlos was against Evelyn and Sheffield's relationship, so she assumed that he would grab this chance to split them up forever.

After all, Sheffield was in another city at the moment. There was no way for him to defend himself.

Carlos walked past the cleaning lady and stared at the tea stain on Evelyn's suit. "Who made your suit dirty?"

His tone softened as he approached his daughter.

Evelyn cast a sidelong glance at the anxious Gillian and explained, "I bumped into Miss Chi by accident." She was not sure whether her father would believe Gillian's words and misunderstand her relationship with Sheffield.

Carlos turned to Gillian. "Aren't you the supervisor of the finance department who was demoted by

help. She is no pushover.

No matter how many women turn up to destroy her relationship with Sheffield, Miss Huo will always find a way to deal with them.'

Nadia snatched Gillian's phone from her shaky hands and searched her contact list. "Miss Chi, what have you saved Mr. Tang's contact as?"

Gillian didn't answer.

Evelyn sighed and said indifferently, "Search for the number, 1881212..." She paused after saying "1212." It was her birthday.

After she recited the last four digits of Sheffield's phone number, Evelyn's voice trailed off. She remembered that his birthday was in March.

That was when she finally figured that his phone number was a combination of their birthdays.

When Nadia saw the name saved on Gillian's phone, she coughed embarrassedly and let Evelyn see the contact name—Dear Sheffield.

Gillian blushed. She tried to get her phone back, but Nadia reminded her coldly, "Miss Chi, please behave yourself."

She pressed the call button and Sheffield's ringtone was heard. It was Debbie's song.

Evelyn stole a quick glance at Carlos, who was glaring at Gillian's phone angrily. If looks could kill, her phone would have exploded by now!

He had no idea that Sheffield had become a fan of his wife.

While they waited for Sheffield to pick up the call, Evelyn told the gloomy woman, "His phone number is a combination of my birthday and his. And his ringtone is my mother's song. Do you understand what this means, Miss Chi?"

Gillian was speechless.

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