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   Chapter 1043 Causing A Ruckus

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"I was really hurt by Sheffield. He not only refused to acknowledge me as his stepmother, but also said that he didn't care about Gillian. Peterson, I've been trying to develop a good relationship with Sheffield since he came back. But as you can see, he doesn't appreciate it, and he treats us like we are nothing to him. And he even hurt Gillian. I don't understand. She still has feelings for him. What's wrong with that?" Tears spilled down Lea's cheeks again.

Peterson now had a clear picture of what had happened. Lea and Gillian had been embarrassed by Evelyn and Sheffield. So now, Lea was trying to snitch on them, hoping that Peterson would retaliate.

Pressing his eyebrows together, he answered, "I have told you this before. Sheffield is rebellious; he has always been. He doesn't listen to anyone. So, there's no point in being angry with him. And about Evelyn…well, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Just like her father, Carlos, she is bossy and domineering. No one in this city would dare to offend the Huo family. From now on, stay away from Sheffield and Evelyn. And tell Gillian not to interfere in their affairs. Everything will be fine if you just let them be."

Although Sheffield was rebellious, he had a quality that Peterson really admired—he was rather thick-skinned.

Peterson surmised that Evelyn must have agreed to go out with him because of his shameless persistence. Of course, it was obvious that Sheffield had a deep love for Evelyn. Otherwise, he would never have returned to take over Theo Group.

Peterson didn't care whom Sheffield liked as long as he came back and took over the company.

And since Sheffield was here now, taking care of business as the CEO, in return, Peterson was willing to help his son in all other aspects of his life.

If he crossed Sheffield, Peterson assumed that his enraged son would turn the fate of the Tang family upside down in minutes and leave Theo Group in a complete mess.

He had no other choice but to let his son have whatever he wanted so that he could live a happy life.

Lea stared at her husband in shock. She had stopped crying. She couldn't believe that he had just said that. What did he mean by that? Did he mean t

to Nadia. "Miss Huo, use mine."

"My wet issue contains detergent. Use this quickly."

"Let me clean it for you, Miss Huo. We better hurry up before the stain spreads."

A couple of female colleagues gathered around Evelyn to help her deal with the situation.

She looked at Gillian, who was standing not too far away from the small crowd around her. At that moment, Gillian felt complacent because of the stain on Evelyn's suit.

Evelyn said to the employees, "Thank you, girls. It's not a big deal. Get back to work now." Her suit was finished. There was no point in any damage control now.

Gillian knew that she was no match for Evelyn in terms of family background, so her only way was to use dirty tricks like this. After the girls left, she feigned an apologetic look once again. "I'm so sorry, Miss Huo. I'll take your suit to laundry right away."

"No, thanks," Evelyn refused coldly. She had no time to deal with Gillian because she had something important to discuss with Tracy.

At this moment, two people walked towards them from behind Evelyn. Their presence quieted the whole finance department down. The employees didn't even dare to raise their heads from their work.

Evelyn didn't notice them and was about to leave.

To her surprise, what Gillian said next sounded even more outrageous than her actions. "Miss Huo, I know I was wrong. Please don't fire me."

Evelyn looked at her in confusion. 'What does this woman want now?' she wondered.

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