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   Chapter 1042 Daddy

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"I understand, Sheffield. My father has to go on emergency business trips all the time. I'll be waiting for you," Evelyn said into the phone.

"Good girl," Sheffield said.

They talked for a while longer. More accurately, he teased Evelyn for a while longer.

She went back to her dinner meeting after the phone call.

When she was back at the manor that evening, Gwyn was still up. Carlos and Debbie weren't home, so she was playing with Terilynn.

When the little girl saw her mother, her eyes widened. She stared at her for a few seconds and then walked to Evelyn with the basketball in her hands. "Mommy..."

Evelyn's heart melted when she heard her sweet voice calling out to her. She picked up the pace and ran towards Gwyn. "Sweetheart, are you playing basketball with Auntie?"

Carlos had told the housemaids to clean the ball so that Gwyn could play with it indoors too.

Gwyn didn't say anything. Idly leaning against the headboard of the bed, Terilynn said in a famished voice, "Sister, you have come to finally set me free. Thank God! I'm exhausted!" Gwyn was a sweet girl, but babysitting was so tiring.

If it were a naughty little boy in Gwyn's place, she would have easily lost a few pounds every day.

"Where did Dad and Mom go?" Evelyn asked.

"To a concert. You know, I sacrificed the opportunity of a date to be with her, but this little girl still doesn't show any appreciation. She won't even call me 'Auntie.' Not cute." Terillynn pouted. Gwyn grinned broadly at her, revealing tiny white teeth.

That lovely smile caught Terilynn off guard, and she involuntarily smiled back at her sweet little niece. "Ah, ah, that's enough! I know you're adorable. Stop coaxing me with your cuteness!"

Evelyn laughed at their playful interaction. She kissed Gwyn on her cheek. "Darling, say goodnight to Auntie. We'll go to our room now."

There was no response from Gwyn, except a smile.

Something occurred to Terilynn at that moment. She sat up and winked at Gwyn before turning to Evelyn. "Eve, are you going to te

hook her head and said in a soft voice, "No one. Go take a shower!" Peterson frowned. She looked very upset.

"Tell me." The man's voice allowed no space for argument.

Biting her lower lip, Lea spoke hesitantly. "Well, Gillian and I ran into Sheffield and Evelyn at the menswear fashion show held by ZL Group today."

Peterson had heard that Sheffield had modeled that afternoon. How could he not know? By now, everyone in Y City knew.

If Sheffield had done it for any other woman, he would have exploded with rage. But this was for Evelyn Huo, Carlos Huo's daughter. So, he had done everything he could to keep his anger under control.

"Go on."

"Naturally, Gillian and I went over to greet them. Since we are going to be a family soon, I thought it was necessary to maintain a good relationship with them."

"That's the right thing to do."

"And as you know, Gillian is Sheffield's ex-girlfriend. Evelyn hates her and even threatened to fire her. Gillian was mad and argued with her. Evelyn threatened that if she couldn't marry into the Tang family because of Gillian, then she would make sure that Gillian would never be able to marry anyone in her life! And she even called Gillian a...a fly! They were bullying us!"

Peterson wasn't interested in conflicts between women. He asked patiently, "What was Sheffield doing while all this happened?"

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