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   Chapter 1040 Princess Evelyn's Wrath

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 10006

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At the end of the runway, Sheffield turned dashingly while flattering his knee-length green trench coat.

His move was so charming that even Evelyn blushed as she watched him. How she wished she could raise her voice and cheer for him like the other girls were doing.

Fortunately, Sheffield's eyes were only for Evelyn. In the sea of people, he immediately spotted her and couldn't help but wink at her.

His charming gesture enchanted not only Evelyn but also the other women who saw it. They just couldn't take their eyes off him.

When Sheffield was making his way to the backstage, Evelyn immediately followed. Enticed by his charm, she didn't even care about the fact that he was changing his clothes. Suddenly, she was like a different person, so far from her usual coy and reserved self. While everyone was looking at her with their prying eyes, she calmly followed him into the changing room.

It was not until Evelyn saw Sheffield's bare chest that she realized she had gotten too excited and had walked in without thinking. "Well done!" she said after giving an awkward cough to conceal her embarrassment.

"As long as you're satisfied with it," Sheffield said while he confidently walked up closer to her. He stopped in front of her and kissed her on the lips without hesitation.

Evelyn faked a cough again. This time, to hide her burning cheeks. She clumsily said, "I think you were great out there. Hurry and change your clothes now!" In fact, he needed to model seven more sets of clothes.

Fully aware that they didn't have much time, Sheffield controlled himself and moved away from her. After Evelyn had left the fitting room, he hastily put on the next set of clothing.

By the time Sheffield was modeling the third set of outfit, the event had almost turned into his personal fashion show.

Whenever he would step onto the stage, the atmosphere would transform into that of a popular singer's concert. High-pitched screams and cheers could be heard from every part of the venue. Everyone had their phones up, documenting his every move.

The video and photos of him modeling were soon posted on the Internet, and all kinds of topics about him could be seen on every social media platform.

On every page, people were admiring Sheffield for modeling on the runway without reservations in order to support his girlfriend's career and make her happy.

Among Sheffield's pictures on the stage was one in which Evelyn was standing at the foot of the stage. She was adoringly watching him while applauding to her heart's content.

Soon enough, the online discussions turned to the fact that it was the ZL Group who organized the event and Evelyn was the person in charge. So naturally, Sheffield modeled on the stage to help Evelyn out.

The love between the two was so enchanting in the eyes of the netizens. All of them were happy for the couple. A netizen whose username was Lovely Duckling commented, "After breaking up with Calvert Ji, Evelyn Huo has

the woman. But as if by instinct, Evelyn grabbed his hand, silently telling him not to do it. But Evelyn wasn't going to just let it go. So instead, she confronted Gillian herself. "Gillian, have you forgotten your place? I'm going to make this simple for you, okay? As your boss, I'm giving you two choices. One, don't show up in front of me from now on, or two, have your resignation letter on my desk, first thing tomorrow morning."

Since Gillian had provoked her again and again, Evelyn finally decided to get rid of this troublemaker once and for all.

Gillian didn't expect that Evelyn would give her the ultimatum. Evelyn's strong and straight-to-the-point statement made Gillian's insides curl. "Evelyn Huo, we are not in the company right now. You don't have any right to make me do anything," Gillian snapped back.

"You're right. Indeed, we are not on the company's premises right now. But it doesn't change anything. I am still your boss. I can make you go back to the office and turn your off-duty times into office hours. You're going for technicalities, huh? Do you want me to repeat what I just said while we're in the office? I can definitely do that."

Gillian's face nearly deformed. But still, she fought back. "What about my choice? What if I don't choose from the options that you gave me? What can you do about it?"

"It's simple. If you don't, then I'll fire you. Right here. Right now. So as you can see, it's better if you make the choice," Evelyn casually stated while emphasizing her words.

Noticing that Sheffield had no intention of standing up for Gillian, Lea pulled her enraged sister aside to make her stop and took a step forward herself. She then said to Evelyn with an awkward smile, "I don't think it's appropriate for you to do this, Evelyn. Peterson has been a leader for his whole life and I've never seen him treat his employees this way. If anyone were to know that you did this to Gillian, it's not going to be good for your reputation."

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