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   Chapter 1039 CEO Slash Model

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Sheffield didn't care how often Evelyn went to the farmers' market. After all, that wasn't the purpose of his question. He continued, "You've seen the vegetable stalls, right?"

"Yeah," Evelyn answered.

"What do you see at those vegetable stalls?"

"Vegetables, and the hard work of farmers and vendors..." She listed off a few items.

"You're right, but you get an incomplete for this one. Don't underestimate these vegetable sellers. They use natural science, modern logistics, marketing, pricing, metrics, economics, consumer psychology and math, to name a few."

Evelyn thought about it. What he said seemed legit.

"You'll do okay. Just keep on top of things." He was encouraging not only Evelyn but also himself.

His inspiring speech made Evelyn smile. "Right. Let's both work hard."

Sheffield's lips curved into a cunning smile as an idea crossed his mind. "Wanna make a bet?"

"On what?"

"On our companies' profits. Let's go to the end of the year. Then we'll compare net profits. ZL Group vs. Theo Group. Sound interesting?"

"Well, aren't you worried that you'll lose? If you're not, count me in." Competing against ZL Group? Evelyn didn't want to scare him to tears.

But Sheffield wore a sly smile on his face. "Of course I'm not worried. You haven't heard my terms yet. If Theo Group posts a higher profit, you marry me and let me support you. If ZL Group shows a higher profit margin..."

"Then what?" she asked expectantly.

"Well, then I'll still marry you. You can support me and I'll live off you. What do you think?"

Evelyn almost laughed out loud. "What's the difference? Besides who supports who?" Her heart was bursting with happiness. This all was very sweet.

"The difference is, if you marry me, you'll take my surname, Tang. If I marry you, I'll take yours. I'll be Sheffield Huo. Do you like my new name?" He sounded serious.

Evelyn tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said, "I like Evelyn Tang better."

"Me too. I'll work hard

ffield who had taken off his suit jacket and said to Evelyn, "He looks familiar. Nice pick, Miss Huo. Want me to show him what to do?"

"All right. We're running out of time. Teach him as fast as possible, and then get him onstage."

"No problem."

Just like that, Sheffield's first modeling job was now. The stylist made him up and applied gel to his hair, and combed it back.

He wore a long green patterned windbreaker, a pair of dark-colored plaid pants and pointed, black leather shoes.

As soon as he came onstage, the whole venue was silent for a few seconds. Then there were screams and murmurs from the audience.

They screamed because he was so handsome. And they were talking about it because they recognized him. No one imagined the CEO of Theo Group would walk the stage as a male model.

Worried, Evelyn ran to a corner close by to watch his performance.

Despite being his first fashion show, to her surprise he was like a natural.

He moved like the model had taught him.

He could also follow the rhythm of the music, with every step on the note.

A professional would find fault, nitpicking every minute. But that didn't change the fact that Sheffield's first show was a success.

The strobes under the stage flashed like crazy, as if Sheffield was the most shining star on the stage today.

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