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   Chapter 1037 Deceive Him

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As a dignified man, Sheffield was well aware that the reason why men were so miserable and unfortunate was not that they didn't have sufficient knowledge about women, but because they didn't listen to women.

In the parking lot, Evelyn was walking towards her own car. When she was close enough to her car, Sheffield grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the wine-red Maybach next to it.

She noticed the two cars parked very close to each other and commented, "What a coincidence! Our cars are parked next to each other." It was no wonder he followed her all the way in this large parking lot.

"No, it's not a coincidence. I purposefully looked for your car and parked next to it," Sheffield casually stated. He didn't want to hide anything. He thought there would be no point. After all, he drove around the whole parking lot just to find her car.

Evelyn was rendered speechless. It seemed like Sheffield always knew how to overwhelm her. However, she didn't understand. "What's the point of this?"

"Of course it has a point." Leading her to the passenger seat, he gallantly said, "Sit tight, Miss Huo. I'll take you home tonight."

She fastened her seat belt and looked into his eyes. "First, let's make it clear. I'm going home to my own house tonight," Evelyn said, putting emphasis on the word "own."

The smile on the man's face froze when he heard that. He couldn't help but feel dejected. "Haven't we already decided on this? You called me 'honey, ' so why can't we live together yet?" He had been consciously and meticulously preparing to live with her. So what she said was like a tremendous wave crashing on his jovial plans.

It took Evelyn a while before she could speak, casting silence inside the car. "Aren't you still mad at me for lying to you?" she finally asked. Ever since Sheffield apologized to her in the golf course and then her lie was exposed, he had been accusing her of deceiving him and hurting his feelings.

"Humph!" Sheffield snorted and grouched while he sat in the driver's seat.

He started the car and negotiated with her, "Fine, if you want to go home then go home. But on one condition. I'm not going to ask for too much. Just spend some time with me first and satisfy me."

Evelyn sighed helplessly. "Fine, no problem. Come home with me and I'll make sure you'll be happy. What do you think?"

"Which home? Your apartment?" he asked.

"The Huo family manor," she stated with a teasing smile.

"No way! Mr. Huo will certainly beat me to death. I may not get out of there with all of my body parts intact." It was still uncertain if Carlos had already accepted Sheffield as his son-in-law, so he wouldn't risk showing up at their manor so casually.

Evelyn chuckled under her breath. "Well then,

ncle who Gwyn kept on mentioning was Sheffield. After she played basketball with him, she became such a happy little girl. She smiles more often after that. I'm telling you about all of this right now because I want you to think about whether it's time to tell Sheffield about this."

Terilynn felt that Sheffield had a great influence on Gwyn. He didn't do anything special when he was with the little girl. He only played with her twice, but there was immediate and apparent change with Gwyn's demeanor. Terilynn thought that it would be better for Gwyn to have more of her biological father's presence in her life.

After a short pause, Evelyn said, "I see. I'll definitely tell him soon, but it's not the right moment yet."

Although their relationship had improved quite a lot, her father hadn't even approved of their relationship yet. Evelyn was afraid that if something were to happen and she wouldn't end up with Sheffield in the end, it would be too troublesome if Gwyn were to be involved.

So just like what she had told Terilynn, Evelyn was determined to find an opportunity to tell Sheffield about it. She would tell him as soon as possible but it wasn't the right time yet.

In the children's room, Debbie and Carlos were playing with Gwyn. A lot of toys were scattered on the crawling mat. When Evelyn entered the room, her eyes caught the basketball near Gwyn. Evelyn had no idea that it was Sheffield who bought that until now.

When the little girl saw her mother, she got up from the floor and walked towards her.

Evelyn noticed that Gwyn's reaction was quicker than before. Although she didn't stand up as quickly as normal kids of her age, it was much better now.

"Sweetie." With a wide smile on her face, Evelyn squatted down and reached out her hands, waiting for the little girl to run into her arms.

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