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   Chapter 1035 Sheffield Strikes Back

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"Yes. But my future father-in-law isn't happy with me. I still have to work hard!" Sheffield answered half-jokingly.

He had already reached the entrance of the company, but the reporters were still crowding around him, bombarding him with questions.

"Mr. Tang, we've heard rumors that Theo Group's in trouble. Care to enlighten our readers?"

Sheffield raised his eyebrows at the journalist who asked the question, and asked in reply, "Where did you hear that? I haven't heard anything like that. I would check my sources before posting anything. Libel lawsuits aren't cheap."

Tobias had been waiting at the entrance of the company for a while. When Sheffield came over, he immediately stepped forward and got between the reporters and his boss. "Everyone, let's call it a day. Mr. Tang is busy. If you have more questions, we can arrange an interview later," he said apologetically and made a bow.

The first thing Sheffield did when he got back to his office was turn on his laptop. He was not a pushover. Since they crossed the line, they needed to deal with the consequences. He would deal with the Ji family and the Ji Group first.

In the afternoon, the jewelry stores of the Ji Group were jammed with customers, because their website advertised diamonds at a dirt-cheap price—$1 per karat.

It caused ripples throughout the country, and there were lines to get inside the jewelry stores owned by the Ji Group.

The clerks weren't about to let the diamonds go at such an unbelievably low price. But that just made the customers mad, and those waiting in line were pretty vocal about their complaints. Some even threatened to riot.

Now, Langston was not in the mood to think about Sheffield. He and Calvert held a press conference together and apologized to the customers, saying that somehow the website had a glitch. Someone hacked into the website and spread news of that fake price around. Now the police were informed.

The customers didn't listen to them and got furious. They thought it was deceptive business practices on the part of the company. The customers were threatening to sue them for fraud!

At last, in order to pacify their patrons, Langston promised he'd slash diamond prices in half to make up for the mix-up.

Although the time was

e. I think so too. And only Star Anise could have pulled something like this off."

Peterson shook his head. "No way! You might want to re-think that, Mr. Qi. I know my son very well. He's just not like that. I disowned him when he was younger."

The other man's words stunned Sexton speechless. It was not easy to deal with Peterson, and Sexton was unable to figure him out.

He wanted to know more about what Sheffield was up to, but Peterson merely said the Theo Group was a mess and Sheffield had been busy working there.

If Peterson had said a few more words about Sheffield, Sexton would be able to confirm his suspicion. Once he was sure Sheffield was Star Anise, he'd take him to court and sue him for attacking the website of the Qi Group. He would wait for the authorities to bring him to justice.

However, Peterson was an old cunning fox and in the end, Sexton wasn't happy.

After leaving the private room, Peterson rode the Theo Group elevator and reached the top floor. He got out, bullied the assistant, and managed to walk into the CEO's office.

In the office, he questioned the person who was working, "Are you Star Anise?"

"Thank you for thinking so highly of me!" Sheffield said without raising his head. He wouldn't admit that. What if Peterson betrayed him and exposed his identity? Then he would be the target of so many people.

"As for what happened to Qi Group and Ji Group, did you do that?"

"Yes, I hired the hacker." He didn't deny it.

"How did you hire the hacker?"

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