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   Chapter 1033 Look Who's In The News

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Sheffield smelled like perfume. Kaylee could smell it, standing this close. If she were to guess, it must belong to the woman he spent the night with. "Go ahead, try it—if you're not afraid your dad will break your legs!"

"As the saying goes: Nothing is yummier than dumplings, no woman is more fun than a sister-in-law. I'll get my brother to join us!" It was obvious what kind of "fun" he was referring to. Sheffield was the only member of the Tang family who would say something like that. The man casually pulled his suit jacket over his shoulder and walked off. His every move was charming.

Looking at his back, Kaylee took a deep breath. This man was a serious flirt. He didn't need to do anything to seduce her. She already wanted him.

In the study on the second floor

Sheffield sat down on the sofa and casually draped his suit jacket over the arm of the sofa. Then he looked at the two other men in the room and said, "Sterling, why are you still here? Your wife's gonna run off with another guy. Aren't you going to stop her?"

Every time he spoke, he always said something wrong. Peterson cast a sharp glance at his son.

But he received no response from Sheffield. Instead, the young man looked provocatively at Sterling. But the older brother seemed to be completely calm.

Sterling smiled. "Don't be ridiculous. Kaylee's not that kind of girl."

"So you mean I'm that kind of guy? To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind having a taste of my sister-in-law—"

"Sheffield Tang!" Peterson roared in a great fury.

Assuming a helpless look, Sheffield pretended to fall in line and said, "Fine, I'll stop. But why did you want me to come back?"

Peterson was pissed off, but Sheffield acted like nothing had happened. His old man was even more enraged. "We're hemorrhaging money! Money and clients! When will you grow up and stop pissing me and your brother off?"

Sheffield didn't have an answer. So he said nothing.

He was not frightened by his father's anger. Instead, he was worried that if he continued to argue with him, his dad would have a stroke or a heart attack

ld drive him over the edge.

At ZL Group

Evelyn was conducting a morning meeting when Nadia trotted in with an iPad in her hand. "Miss Huo, turn on the news," she whispered in Evelyn's ear.

Evelyn took the iPad from her and frowned at the title. "Evelyn Huo Spotted at CEO's Apartment." She furrowed her brow, reading further. "Did she spend the night with Sheffield Tang?" read the sub-header.

Below were a series of photos, including photos of Sheffield getting out of his car, her getting out of her car and walking into his apartment, as well as them emerging together the next morning. The most sensational pic was the last one, the photo of them kissing by her car that morning.

Nadia reported in a low voice, "The reporters downstairs are blocking the entrance of the building. Theo Group has the same problem. Our phones are ringing off the hook." The news had caused a huge sensation on the Internet, much more sensational than news of Evelyn Huo and Calvert Ji's relationship in the past.

By now, everyone knew the love declaration on the outdoor screen of Theo Group's offices was from Sheffield.

"Miss Huo, what should we do?"

Evelyn took another look at the iPad and closed it. She stood up and said to the executives, "I'm sorry. I have something else to deal with. Please continue without me."

As soon as she walked out of the meeting room, she called Sheffield.

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