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   Chapter 1032 She Won't Say Yes

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Without saying anything further, Evelyn walked out of the kitchen and went into Sheffield's bathroom.

While she was brushing her teeth, Sheffield came to the door and leaned against it. "Are you done?"

"In a minute," she mouthed.

He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. In the mirror, they looked to be in an erotic position. Evelyn paused to elbow him. "Go away!"

He ignored her resistance, letting his hands roam all over her body.

When she was done brushing, he grabbed the brush from her hand. Assuming that he was going to put it back for her, Evelyn refused, "I can do it myself, thank you."

He grabbed the toothpaste on the counter and squeezed some onto her toothbrush.

"I already brushed!" Evelyn said, annoyed. Even though she was a fanatic for cleanliness just like him, she wouldn't brush her teeth twice at a time.

"You did, but I didn't."


"So, I'm brushing my teeth now. I don't mind if you stay behind to molest me." Teasing her, he put her toothbrush into his mouth.

"Ew! That isn't hygienic at all!" Evelyn tried to get the brush back from his mouth, but he was too tall. 'He was a stickler for hygiene. Does he not care about cleanliness anymore after these two years?'

He laughed. "Do you have some kind of oral disease?" he asked vaguely.


"Well, me neither."

He continued to brush his teeth.

Unable and unwilling to reason with him, Evelyn went back to the bedroom.

When he came out of the bathroom, she was sitting on the bed. She gave him a quick glance and then went back to whatever she was doing on her phone. "Who was the girlfriend you were talking about the other day during the interview?" she asked.

"Not you," Sheffield lied. He yelled in his heart, 'This is payback for you tricking me!'

"Oh." Evelyn's face remained emotionless. "Are you going to propose to her?"

"Yes, I am." 'I want to marry her more than anything in the world.'

"Lucky her. But she won't say yes. So, keep on trying!" She knew that he was purposefully irritating her. The guy needed a

sudden display of affection?'

It was early in the morning. People in the Tang family were leaving the house one by one for work as Sheffield walked in with his suit jacket in his hand. He looked handsome and charming, and his eyes were brimming with satisfaction from the previous night.

Kaylee saw him walk in. She curved up her lips and said softly, "Hello, Sheffield. You woke up beside a woman today, didn't you?"

His eyes fixed on her face, he snickered and whistled at her. "You have sharp eyes, Sister-in-Law. Yes, the woman I was with last night was a hundred times more beautiful than you. And if it weren't for Peterson Tang's abrupt call, you wouldn't be seeing me here right now."

Kaylee didn't show any anger. She folded her arms across her chest and ran her attractive eyes over Sheffield's body from top to bottom. "Beauty should not be judged from appearance alone. You'll only know a woman's true beauty after you've truly been with her. You haven't done it with me. How could you be so sure that I am not more beautiful than your lady friend?"

Kaylee found Sheffield more attractive and much hotter than her husband, Sterling Tang. And he was more handsome than he had been before. She simply couldn't resist his charm.

"Really? Are you suggesting that we give it a try some day?" Sheffield walked closer to her to have a better look at her shameless face.

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