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   Chapter 1029 What Am I To You

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"Someone you don't know." Evelyn looked Sheffield straight in the eye while she answered his question. He had asked who she was meeting so late in the night. What seemed like a simple question was actually very hard to answer. But Sheffield had never met Gwyn before so technically, she was not lying.

"A man or a woman?" he demanded once more.

"Why does it matter to you? Who are you to ask?" 'Perhaps, the only way I could get out of here quicker is by making him mad, ' she thought.

With this thought in mind, her resolve not to tell him anything was set into stone. As expected, it completely infuriated Sheffield. "What am I to you then? Evelyn Huo, we had slept together two years ago. And just tonight, we slept together again. Are you seriously asking me who I am to ask?"

"I really need to leave right now. I can come and see you tomorrow if you'd like? Just, just not tonight." For the past two years, she had never been out late at night. The reason was actually because she needed to take care of her daughter. Every single night, she wouldn't be able to sleep in peace until she had checked on Gwyn.

Instead of answering her question, Sheffield pressed his lips on hers with a little bit of force.

After some time, Evelyn struggled out of his hold. A little short on breath, she mumbled, "If you dare touch me again, I swear I'll never forgive you! I'll hate you for the rest of my life!"

"Then do it! Hate me all you want!" Since Sheffield was becoming desperate, he thought that it would be better if she hated him. This way, she would still have thoughts about him, instead of completely forgetting him.

Evelyn realized that he had changed. He used to coax her and do whatever she said. He had never forced her to do anything before.

But now, he didn't seem to care what she wanted anymore. He didn't listen to her and was even making things difficult for her. This time, she was forced to suffer the scrutiny of his anger.

That night, their encounter ended in the gutter even though they had just engaged in the most intimate thing two persons could do.

It was already past midnight when Evelyn got back to the villa. Gwyn had already fallen asleep in Debbie's room. After standing in front of the said room for a while, she knocked at the door at last.

Carlos was still up. He opened the door and asked with a frown, "Why didn't you come back earlier? Do you know what time it is?"

Because of too much uneasiness, Evelyn wasn't able to answer. Instead, she asked, "Where is Gwyn?"

"She went to bed early. I don't want to wake her up, so let her sleep with us. You should get some rest as well."

"Okay, I just wanted to check on her." She walked p

come and see you after work tonight." Considering what had happened the night before, she decided to get off work early that night. She didn't want to miss saying goodnight to Gwyn for two nights in a row.

Unexpectedly, when she arrived at her office, she received a response from Sheffield. "I'll be at my house tonight."

Evelyn bit her lower lip. What he wanted was very clear.

It made her restless for the rest of the day. In order to prevent Sheffield from making trouble for her, she decided to call Debbie before she left to see him.

On the phone, she tried to make herself sound as natural as possible. "Mom, I'm not coming back home tonight. Could you and Dad please take care of Gwyn for me?"

"Why aren't you coming home? Are you going on a business trip?"

"Yes," Evelyn replied, deciding at that moment that a business trip would actually make a good excuse.

The next moment, however, Carlos' voice came from the other end of the line. "Evelyn Huo, do you really think I'll believe that poor excuse of yours?"

With a guilty conscience, Evelyn tried to greet him as normally as she could. "Hi, Dad." 'Dad was in the office a moment ago. How come he's back home so soon?'

"Are you going to abandon your own daughter for that little bastard?"

"No, Dad. Please don't take it the wrong way, okay? I'll come back later. You know how much I love Gwyn." Evelyn immediately defended her intentions. Gwyn was her own flesh and blood. How could she possibly abandon her for Sheffield?

With a snort, Carlos said, "As long as it's about Sheffield Tang, you're always so anxious. You have never figured out how to remain calm. I was just asking. Why are you so nervous? You've already told your mother that you wouldn't come back. How can you change your words so easily?"

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