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   Chapter 1028 I'll Marry Him Right Away

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 9225

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For quite some time, Evelyn's phone had been ringing. As she looked at the caller ID, the smile on her lips reached her eyes. She chose to ignore her phone as she graciously got out of the car.

Evelyn walked to the gate of Theo Group's office building and just stood there while staring at her phone, still ringing endlessly.

In less than two minutes, a man ran towards the entrance from the inside with a phone in his hand.

When Sheffield saw the woman at the gate, he turned around and ran back as fast as he could. He pretended that he didn't see Evelyn in there.

However, it was too late, Evelyn had already seen him. Rolling her eyes, she turned to her phone and finally answered it.

"Sheffield Tang, you will never be able to see me again if you don't get here in a minute!"

Half a minute later, he showed up at the entrance again.

The first thing he did was yell at the guards. "Didn't you know who this is? How dare you not let Miss Huo in? Do you want to lose your jobs?"

"Sorry, Mr. Tang, it's our fault. Please forgive us." The guards quickly bowed their heads in apology. But on the inside, they were all complaining. 'It's so hard to be a guard! Why is this our fault? He never told us to let her in.'

With nonchalant eyes, Evelyn just watched as Sheffield put on an act. After chewing the security guards out, he finally turned to look at her. "Yo, Miss Huo, come on in. I'm sorry about that. Let's go to my office and have a cup of tea."

Evelyn just remained where she was standing. "I thought you weren't in your office."

Her words came to him like a raging tornado. If it were someone else, this would be an awkward moment for he had just been caught in a lie. But since Sheffield was really thick-skinned, it was just too easy for him to get away with it. "Really? Who told you that? As you can see, I'm right here. Anyway, let's just go upstairs."

Not really in the mood to argue with him, Evelyn just silently followed him.

In the CEO's office, Sheffield placed a bottle of juice in front of her. While he sat opposite her, he casually asked, "I assume there's a very specific reason why you came to see me at this hour, Miss Huo?"

"You are Star Anise." It wasn't a question, but more so a fact.

"Yes, I am," he candidly admitted.

"Son of Peterson Tang, the hacker Star Anise, Maestro Tang, a doctor, Vernon's apprentice. How many identities do you have exactly? More importantly, what else are you hiding from me?" Evelyn had enough. Initially, she simply thought that he was just a doctor who was too weak to protect himself. Later on, he revealed himself to be the respected Maestro Tang in the racing circle. Just a few days ago, his identity as the son of Peterson Tang, the former CEO of Theo

think you're doing? We haven't seen each other in two years. I was too anxious earlier. So, that one doesn't count. Round two!"

'Round two?' Evelyn's heart skipped a beat while she looked at him, surprised and perplexed. If they did it again, she would definitely have no strength to get out of bed. Gwyn was still waiting for her at home. She couldn't stay over that night. Evelyn covered his lips with her hand. "We already did it once. Now you want to do it again? What do you take me for?"

What did he take her for? Of course, she was the woman he loved most. "Can't we?"

"No way! I have standards, you know. I don't mess around with random men casually." She tried to push his body off her, but she was just too weak from what they had just done.

"But I'm not some random man and this isn't just casual sex."

"Oh, I think you are, Mr. Tang. So, please let me go!"

Disappointment was written all over Sheffield's face. "What happened to you? You were such an enthusiastic woman just now. What changed? Did I do something wrong?"

Evelyn's face had been a little red because of their sexual activity. Now, it became more flushed than ever before. She admitted bluntly, "Of course I was enthusiastic. I'm a normal person. I have my desires and needs. I will definitely feel something if you treat me like that. But it's getting late now. Let go of me!"

"Evelyn Huo!" Sheffield exclaimed. He could sense that she was in such a hurry to leave, and he couldn't understand why. "Is there someone you can't wait to see?" he asked, slightly annoyed.

Evelyn was confused for a second, and then she finally confirmed his suspicion with a soft "Yes."

The expression on his face instantly changed. He grabbed her wrists, held them above her head, and asked in a commanding voice, "Who are you going to see at this hour?"

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