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   Chapter 1027 Mr. Tang Did That

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Once Gwyn settled down in Sheffield's arms, he began prattling, "Gwyn, you and I have met twice now, but I haven't heard you call me 'Uncle' yet. And since we both like each other so much, could you call me 'Uncle' now?"

She didn't respond.

He continued, "Just once, please? That's all I'm asking. Come on, say it—Un-cle. Un-cle. Uncle!"

Gwyn stared at him. Immediately, Sheffield stopped. He saw something in her eyes. What was that? A look of dislike?

Did she think he was talking too much? 'Probably an illusion, ' he thought. So he went on, "Let's try again, Gwyn—"

"Uncle!" Gwyn called before Sheffield could get the word out of his mouth. A huge grin spread across his face.

He was elated. He had thought it might take him longer to coax her.

Sheffield gently kissed Gwyn's cheek. "That's my girl. Since I'm your favorite uncle now, you'll be under my protection from today onwards! If anyone dares to bully you in Y City, just call me and I'll deal with it for you."

Gwyn listened to him blabber, not quite understanding what he was going on about. She wondered how someone in the world could laugh so much and talk as much as her aunt Terilynn did.

But his voice was pleasant; she didn't hate it, even though he continued rattling on.

Finally, Sheffield got tired of talking too much. He lay on the lawn to enjoy the sunshine, regardless of his obsession with cleanliness.

Gwyn dropped the ball in her hand by accident, so she ran after it. Sheffield watched her closely as she skipped after the ball.

When she came back holding the basketball, she walked around him, looking for a comfortable spot to sit on. After much consideration, she chose to sit on his stomach.

Sheffield laughed. "You are a very smart girl. This is indeed a comfy spot to sit on. Soft, huh?"

It was almost noon when they returned to his office. Sheffield had planned to book a table in a restaurant and invite Joshua and Terilynn to lunch.

But Terilynn told him that Debbie had asked the chef to prepare Gwyn's lunch at home. So, she

fell into a deep silence.

"I have something to ask you." She ignored his nonchalant attitude.

"Fire away." He stood up from his seat and walked to the French window in his office. He looked down, hoping to see her figure downstairs, but he was on the 99th floor. He couldn't see anything on the ground from that height.

Evelyn insisted, "I can only ask you face to face."

"I'm not in my office right now," he lied, leaning against the window.

"Fine, forget it."

"Okay," he replied flatly.

Evelyn didn't hang up yet. She told Felix, "Take me to Rock Bar."

"Yes, Miss Huo."

"Wait!" said Sheffield anxiously.

Evelyn winked at Felix, who was about to start the car. He understood and stopped.

"Why are you going to the bar this late at night?"

Evelyn smirked. "What do you think I would do in a bar this late at night? The second son of the Li family and the youngest son of the Cao family are my alumni. They just invited me to a gathering there."

"But why did they choose a bar to have a reunion?" he asked, frustration clear in his voice.

"Isn't that normal? We're done here, Mr. Tang. You can get back to whatever you're doing. Bye!" Evelyn hung up without hesitation.

She looked at her phone and counted, 'One, two, three, four...'

Before her count reached five, her cell phone rang. She grinned, seeing his caller ID.

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