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   Chapter 1024 Future Father-in-Law

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That shut Sexton up. Carlos' words did make sense.

Sheffield and Evelyn came from families of equal social status. He was competitive and smart, and she was attractive and brilliant. They made quite a couple.

Carlos left the building and got into his car. Debbie asked anxiously, "How did it go?"

"Are you done shopping?" he asked instead.

"Yes. I wanted to come upstairs to look for you, but I was afraid to interrupt." She and Carlos had left the manor together. While Carlos met with Sexton, she had gone shopping to keep herself busy in the meantime.

As Debbie stared at him, still waiting for an answer, Carlos finally replied, "What do you think? You asked me to handle it. How could I face you if I didn't do well?" He snorted.

Debbie had been extremely anxious ever since she had found out that Sheffield was being sued, especially after realizing that he had acted in defiance for Evelyn's sake.

Carlos couldn't bear to see her gloomy face all day. She had finally felt relieved after he agreed to help Sheffield make the problem go away.

Debbie's eyes brightened. "Sexton agreed to drop the lawsuit?"


She was thrilled! She grabbed his hand and urged, "Call Evelyn! Tell her the good news."

"No way!" Carlos refused arrogantly.

"Fine. I'll tell her myself." Debbie was just glad that the matter had been settled.

After a few minutes, Carlos said thoughtfully, "Sexton is the type of man who holds onto his grudges. It's true that he promised to withdraw the lawsuit, but I'm not sure whether he plans to leave Sheffield alone. He might deal with the brat in some other way."

"Oh! What should we do?"

"'We?' We are not gonna do anything. It's Sheffield's problem. What do I care? I am not the one Sexton hates."

Debbie rolled her eyes and snapped, "All right, let's play it by the ear. If Sheffield needs your help, we can talk about it then."

"No! There will be no more talking." Carlos didn't want anything to do with Sheffield after this. He had only helped him this time to make Debbie happy.

"Fine, then I'll help him!"

Carlos was enraged. He didn't understand why Sheffield was so important to his wife. First, Evelyn had fallen in love with that man and had fought against her own father to be with him, and now, his wife was threatening him to help Sheffield. Carlos couldn't fathom why she was so protective of him. Two of the most important women in Carlos' life were on Sheffield's side now. At

ck, earn it back from him!"

Terilynn seconded with a nod. "Mom is right, Dad. Sheffield didn't steal from you or rob you. He earned it fairly. What's wrong with that?"

Debbie and Terilynn didn't know about Star Anise. They both thought that Carlos had invested in Sheffield's research. He couldn't admit to them that he had been outwitted by Sheffield. "He schemed against me. I won't spare him," he threatened, glaring at the closed door.

Evelyn hadn't said a word until now. "Dad, he installed our company's defense system. What if he destroys it when you go after him?"

By now, Evelyn knew that Sheffield was Star Anise. She also figured that since he was so good at IT, it must be a piece of cake for him to destroy their entire defense system in the blink of an eye.

She remembered the times when Sheffield had offered to fix her computer issues, but back then she had believed that he was only trying to create some sort of trouble for her. Now she realized how ignorant she had been at the time, and how little she had believed him.

"Y-y-you!" Carlos grunted at Evelyn. "He took a billion from me! I'll get back at him! You just wait and see!"

"Come on, Carlos. I heard from Dixon that ZL Group has made billions of dollars through Sheffield's research project. However much he had taken from you, he has already paid it back in double and more. Just take the win," Debbie said before Evelyn could respond, casting a burning glance at him. But seeing how upset he was, she didn't have the heart to get mad at him. She patted his back to make him feel better. "Calm down. Stop throwing a tantrum. You might scare Gwyn."

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