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   Chapter 1023 Why Not

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Peterson told Sexton, "To tell you the truth, I feel guilty about screwing up Sheffield's life. When his mother was set up and tossed in jail, I didn't believe she was innocent. She died of depression. Sheffield was rebellious and mad at me. He did many things that pissed me off. But instead of owning up to my part in it, I disowned him. But I regretted everything as time went by, so I resolved to make it up to him. You want to know why he's like that? It's my fault."

"There are better ways to make it up to him. You can't hand a large company like that over to him. He does what he wants, just because he has the support of Theo Group behind him."

Peterson didn't reply to that. He knew better than anyone else that Sheffield behaved like that was not because of Theo Group, but because he had been like this since he was a child. And Peterson had been less than an ideal parent.

He had cleaned up a lot of Sheffield's messes. And after he had disowned Sheffield, he never cared about Sheffield's life again.

What he didn't expect was that Sheffield had the money to invest in research. And his projects turned out to be success stories. The son he had disowned had made over ten billion thanks to his business moxie and would make even more in the days to come.

What bugged Peterson most was that Sheffield cut a deal with ZL Group, and they got most of the profits from his research. Theo Group didn't benefit from it at all.

It seemed that Evelyn was more important to Sheffield than his father thought.

"It's complicated. Mr. Qi, let's have a toast to the future. This is fine liquor that's been aged for 30 years." Peterson raised his glass.

"Okay! To the future!" They clinked glasses.

Before the meeting was over, Sexton insisted, "Now, I'll drop the suit if Sheffield apologizes to Roscoe in public and pays three times the amount in medical expenses."

Peterson didn't say anything. He knew Sheffield would never apologize.

Peterson and Sexton ended the meeting on a high note, but neither of them thought it went well. Nothing got resolved, and Sheffield and Theo Group

ure he lost everything."

Sexton gleaned Carlos' threat and warning from his words.

He didn't want to go down this road, but he could do nothing about it. He knew Carlos meant business.

Whoever threatened Carlos' family ended up disgraced, broke, or dead.

Thinking of this, Sexton conceded. "Mr. Huo, all I ask is an apology from Sheffield Tang. After all, he hit my son. Is that too much to ask?"

"How will you get him to apologize? Mr. Qi, please think about it like this. If it were your own daughter, how would you feel? Wouldn't you want to beat him to death? Sheffield Tang did something I would have done. Are you saying I should apologize to Roscoe?"

"No, no. Mr. Huo..."

"If that's what you want, I can!" Carlos was sure that Sexton didn't have the nerve to ask him to do it even if he offered.

A cold sweat broke out on Sexton's forehead. He sighed heavily. "Mr. Huo, why are you defending Sheffield?"

"Defending him? Why would I do that? I just don't want to see you worry about the lawsuit with your busy schedule. If you're willing to compromise, then everyone will be happy."

Sexton realized he had no choice. But he was still curious about Carlos' attitude towards Sheffield.

"Mr. Huo, is it because you like him and want him to be your son-in-law?" he asked.

Carlos gulped down a glass of liquor and replied, "Both Sheffield and Evelyn are single. Why not?"

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