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   Chapter 1022 Seventh-Level Injuries

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"For her? Anytime. Just tell me when and I'll free up my schedule," Sheffield said, excited at the prospect. He loved that little girl.

Joshua got jealous. "You know, you keep trying to shoo me out. You were so busy you didn't even meet my gaze. You even asked me to leave. As soon as I mentioned Gwyn, you say you'll make time for her. I'm your best friend. How can you be nicer to a little kid than me?"

Yet his complaint didn't make Sheffield nicer to him. "How about this? Next time if you don't bring Gwyn with you, don't bother coming see me."

Joshua bellowed, "What the hell? Are we even still friends?"

"Yes—if you call Terilynn now and ask her when she's bringing Gwyn over. Otherwise, no."

Joshua was so angry that he turned to leave. "Hey, don't forget if you drop Gwyn off here, then you can snatch some quality time with your lady-love. Like, getting a room. There's some motivation for you," Sheffield reminded him calmly.

Joshua thought on that. He had to admit it sounded pretty good. So he took out his phone and dialed Terilynn.

Then, he slipped into Sheffield's lounge to start flirting with her on the phone, leaving Sheffield no chance to eavesdrop.

Sitting at his desk, Sheffield could do nothing but watch as Joshua closed the door to his lounge. 'Jerk! That's my private room.'

Ten minutes later, Sheffield knocked on the door and said, "Hey bro, I gotta leave. I have a meeting. What did Terilynn say? We nail down a time yet?"

Joshua didn't open the door until a minute later. His hair looked like a bird's nest. "Yeah. Before 10 a.m. tomorrow. Mind if I stay here a while?" he asked with a goofy smile. A red flush spread across his face.

"Did you use my bed?" asked Sheffield, staring at Joshua's messy hair.

Joshua looked back at the bed. When he talked to Terilynn, he had been so enraptured he couldn't help rolling on the bed, totally forgetting Sheffield was a neat freak. 'Oh, crap!' "Ha ha, sorry, man. I'll fix that for you right now!" he grinned.

Sheffield dragged him out and kicked him hard in the rump. "Come on, get out!"

Joshua flew into a rage. He put the phone to his ear. "Never bring Gwyn here, Terilynn. Sheffield's being an ass!" he said quickly.

Sheffield looke

Humph! He just wants to try and talk me out of this! Tell him no!"

The assistant hesitated and reminded him, "Mr. Qi, we're cooperating with Theo Group on several projects. Why don't you meet with him? Anyway, they're in the wrong."

Sexton considered what the assistant said. The Qi Group and Theo Group were working together on major projects, so it was indeed unwise to strain the relationship. After a moment, he nodded and said, "Very good, then. Set it up."

On the fifth floor of Alioth Building

Peterson opened a bottle of 30-year-old liquor and poured a glass for Sexton. "Mr. Qi, I never beat around the bush. I'm here for my son. I apologize on his behalf to you and your son."

"Mr. Tang, your son wouldn't apologize, and even threatened to hurt my son further. I bet he doesn't know you're doing this," Sexton said with a sneer. Sheffield was always a stubborn hothead. He would never let his father apologize to the Qis.

Peterson explained, "My son's bark is worse than his bite. He just acts tough and doesn't know how to behave himself. We've known each other a long time, Mr. Qi. Please forgive him."

"Hey, Peterson, why haven't I seen this son of yours before? Why on earth did you put him in charge? Sterling's a good guy. Why not make him CEO? He is much more mature and prudent than Sheffield. I don't understand. Why did you choose him over Sterling?"

Sterling had been working for Theo Group for years, so almost everyone in the business circles knew him.

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