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   Chapter 1020 Don't Be Led Astray By Him

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7299

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"Yes," Evelyn said. There was no point in denying. It didn't matter whether she was really a jinx or not; it was undeniably true that Richard Qi had died because of her.

Sheffield's anger grew. "Evelyn, you are a stickler for principles. Why don't you have any limits for your guilt? How can you let that asshole humiliate you like that? You may be able to tolerate it, but I can't! Every time I see him, I'll beat him down. I meant what I said earlier."

With that, he turned around and walked away from her.

Evelyn caught up to him, grabbed his hand and said quickly, "Sheffield! If humiliating me can make the Qi family a bit happier, I will at least feel less guilty. And Roscoe just hurled some verbal abuses. He can't really hurt me." Roscoe meant little to her. She didn't care about what he said.

"Are you saying that I was in the wrong here?" Sheffield asked, looking her in the eye.

Evelyn shook her head. She could understand his anger. "I know you did that for me, so..."

"So? So you want to bear all the consequences yourself?" he asked, completing the sentence for her.

Evelyn fell silent. 'How did he know what I was thinking?'

Without warning, Sheffield pulled her into his arms and held her so tight that she could hardly breathe.

He whispered in her ear, "Evelyn, I can deal with the Qi family myself, even without Theo Group backing me up. Let me tell you something. People around me think highly of me because I'm the CEO, but to me, that company is nothing but a burden. Theo Group will only hold me back instead of giving me any sort of support, and I don't care. I can fight against the Qi family myself. If you don't believe me, just wait and see."

Evelyn gasped for air in his arms. What he was claiming shocked her even more. She looked up blankly at his face. The expressions on his face changed as he spoke—he was confident at first, then his eyes clouded with anger. And amidst all that was a hint of helplessness.

Sheffield lowered his head to look at the expressionless woman. He loosened his embrace and said, "Do you still not believe in me?"

She nodded her head and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I believe you." Sh

he had begun to have doubts. Now that he knew that Sheffield was Peterson's son, he was more suspicious of it than before.

'What do I think?' Evelyn wondered, stunned by this new information.

She knew nothing of this. When she was with Sheffield, they were mostly concerned about matters of love and their relationship. She had paid no attention to any other matters.

Evelyn felt embarrassed.

Carlos snorted, "I knew it. He is lying to you too."

"No, it's not like that. I've never asked him about it." She believed that if she asked him, he would tell her the truth.

"Fine. Go and rest. Sheffield is a cunning fox. He has many wicked ideas in his mind. Be careful not to be led astray by him."

"Actually, Dad, he is a good man," Evelyn said firmly.

Carlos squinted at her. "I know a good man when I see one, Evelyn. I don't need you to put in a good word for him."

Evelyn knew it was hard to reach a consensus with her father when it came to matters concerning Sheffield. She decided to end the discussion. "I'm going to bed."

"Okay, good night."

"Good night."

The next day, Sexton took action. Sheffield received a letter from Sexton's lawyer. Peterson got wind of it too.

In the CEO Office of Theo Group

Sheffield went through the letter. Sexton had demanded a public apology to Roscoe, and five million in compensation. Sheffield smirked at the demands and asked, "Mr. Tang, is Qi Group about to go bankrupt?"

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