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   Chapter 1018 I'll Make You Do It Willingly

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7511

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Roscoe shook off the men holding him up. He glared at Evelyn resentfully. "I'm good. Stop pretending to be kind. Think I can't afford the medical fees? Why didn't you just stay in the Huo family manor? Why did you have to leave the house and bring bad luck to people? You're a jinx! That's all you'll ever be!"

This time, Sheffield shook off Evelyn's hands and charged Roscoe, kicking him hard in the abdomen.

"Ah!" screamed his victim.

That was the cruelest kick Sheffield had ever dealt to anyone.

Roscoe, unable to stop himself, hit the wall hard and then slumped to the floor.

The people in the corridor were so scared that they didn't even dare to breathe, let alone stop Sheffield.

Evelyn staggered when Sheffield wrenched free of her hand. If it weren't for Felix catching her, she would have fallen.

"Sheffield!" She steadied herself and called the furious CEO, so anxious her voice was close to screaming. Panicked, she told Felix, "Keep those two apart!"

"Yes, Miss Huo."

To her surprise, Sheffield caught Felix and pushed him away. Felix recovered quickly and began a rapidfire sequence of blows, which Sheffield blocked deftly.

Joshua couldn't just watch Sheffield beat Roscoe to death, so he tried to stop him. "Dude, calm down."

Sheffield shook off Joshua and Felix and once again rushed at Roscoe. When he was about to kick him again, Evelyn dashed over and stood in front of Roscoe. She looked at Sheffield and said, "Stop it! Now!"

Her sudden appearance caught Sheffield by surprise. Luckily, he lowered his foot in time so she didn't get kicked.

Evelyn took his hand and said seriously, "This is seriously not cool. Keep doing this, and I'll get angry."

He shrugged her off, adjusted his clothes, squinted at her and said nothing.

Seizing the opportunity, Evelyn asked someone to help Roscoe to his feet and get him out of there.

Evelyn whispered to Felix, "This is on me. Get someone to clean this up, and I'll foot the bill."

"As you command, Miss Huo."

Evelyn turned to talk to Sheffield only to find he was already headed for the door.

Without any hesitation, she followed him and called his name.

Sheffield walked faster. It was apparent he didn't have the slightest int

tightly and said, "In other words, you just don't want me."

"No, it's not like that..." They hadn't seen each other for two years. She wanted him too. But she couldn't do it today.

Finally, Sheffield lost his temper. He climbed off her, opened the door and got out of the car. The slam of the door startled her.

She quietly tidied up her clothes and hair, opened the door on the other side and got out too.

Sheffield was leaning against the car door and smoking. He didn't even turn around when he heard the noise.

Evelyn walked up to him and said in a soft voice, "Look, I'll handle Roscoe. I'm going to see him now. I'll call you if there's a problem."

Sheffield just took another drag on his cigarette and said nothing.

Evelyn sighed helplessly and walked closer to him. She stood on tiptoe, trying to kiss him.

When she was about to kiss his cheek, he stopped her. They stared at each other. There was no emotion in his eyes, compared to her embarrassment. "I just need to be alone."

Evelyn felt wounded. She stood back in disappointment.

However, when she turned to leave, she was dragged back to the car all of a sudden. He slammed her against the car door, and kissed her red lips with his mouth full of smoke.

The thick smell of tobacco spread in her mouth. Evelyn frowned, but she could only let him continue his mischief.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally released her and pressed his forehead against hers. "I'll make you do it willingly."

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