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   Chapter 1017 My Sweetheart

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"What? So she's Evelyn Huo. Then we're out of here. I'm not going to piss her off."

"That's Carlos Huo's daughter? No wonder she looks so sure of herself. Let's avoid her."

"This is above my pay-grade. Let's jet! C'mon, Roscoe! Get a move-on!"

Roscoe cast a sidelong glance at Evelyn and whispered, "Yeah, she's Carlos Huo's daughter. So what? She's bad luck for boyfriends, most of them have died. Who's going to date a girl like that?"

"Seriously? Was she your brother's..." The man wasn't bold enough to finish his sentence.

A brief, weird silence followed. Roscoe's brother had been dead for several years. Many of Roscoe's friends knew how he died.

"Yeah, she's the woman who jinxed my brother and got him killed." Even after so many years, Roscoe still held a grudge against Evelyn, his voice thick with hate.

If it weren't for this woman, his brother would still be alive.

Roscoe's friends all chose to remain silent. They didn't dare to anger either Roscoe or Evelyn, so they made their way to the doors of the restaurant. They intended to leave.

Roscoe held too much bad blood towards Evelyn. Arguing with him wouldn't make things any better, so she turned and went back to the booth.

She didn't see what happened next.

Just as Roscoe turned around, two men stepped in his way, blocking the hallway.

One of the two men wore a silver-grey suit and the other was in a suit of dark blue.

Obviously, they knew who Roscoe was, and wanted to make sure he didn't go anywhere.

"Mr. Fan! What a surprise! What can I do for you?" Roscoe tilted his head toward the man in the gray suit. "And who's he?" Roscoe asked impatiently.

Not all of Roscoe's friends had made it out of the restaurant. The closest one ran up to him and whispered, "That's the new CEO of Theo Group, the younger Mr. Tang."

Roscoe didn't know Sheffield.

But he knew Theo Group had a new CEO. He couldn't avoid knowing. It was all over the news.

Knowing how powerful Theo Group was, Roscoe decided to show the new CEO a little respect. So, he started over and greeted Joshua and Sheffield politely, "Mr. Tang, Mr. Fan!" Then he bowed his head to each of them in greeting. They weren't friends, so Roscoe's tone was cold and formal.

Toothpick in his mouth, Sheffield asked Roscoe, "Who were you talking to

brother would pull out all the stops to be with her.

"A witch? Bruh! Looks like you don't know how to respect women. Let me teach you!" Sheffield grabbed him by the hair, and punched him again.

"Sheffield!" It was Evelyn's voice.

Sheffield turned to face her. She was walking towards him rapidly, looking anxious.

She grabbed Sheffield's hand to stop him. "Let go of him."

"Just a minute. I don't think he's learned his lesson, and I'm the one to teach him." He reached out his left hand and pulled her into his arms.

Evelyn glanced at Joshua and urged, "Do something!"

Finally, Joshua came over with Felix, and the both of them dragged Sheffield away.

Looking at the bruises on Roscoe's face, Evelyn ordered Felix, "Get someone to take Mr. Qi to the hospital. I'll cover the bill."

"Yes, Miss Huo." Felix began to make a phone call.

Sheffield was still clutching Roscoe, refusing to let go. "Not yet! He has to promise me something."

Evelyn clasped Sheffield's hand and said patiently, "Stop it, Sheffield. This isn't cool with me."

Gasping for air, Roscoe leaned against the wall and said, "So, you're Sheffield Tang, huh? You'll pay for this."

"Really? Maybe I'd better kill you now." Sheffield dashed towards him again.

Evelyn wrapped her arms around his waist and said, "Damn it, don't you listen to me anymore?"

At that time, two bodyguards came over. One bodyguard took one arm, the other guy put Roscoe's arm over his shoulders and asked, "Mr. Qi?" Roscoe nodded. "We'll get you to the hospital!"

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