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   Chapter 1016 Gwyn's Unusual Behavior

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"Yes. I was busy the other day, so I asked Terilynn to take care of Gwyn. She and Joshua took her out to have some fun. Joshua bought her the dinosaurs. Terilynn told him that Gwyn was her cousin's child." Debbie felt bad that Terilynn had to lie about Gwyn's identity.

"Oh." Evelyn was a little relieved.

At that very moment, Gwyn looked at the dinosaur in her hand and muttered, "Nuncle..."

The three adults in the room were stunned at once and stared at each other in complete silence. But they had no idea whom Gwyn was calling.

Evelyn was surprised that her daughter spoke. "Gwyn, did you just say 'Uncle'? Say it again, baby!" Usually, Gwyn hardly spoke. The few words she did speak included mom, grandpa, grandma and a few other simple words.

Evelyn had forgotten how long it had been since Gwyn had last spoken and she was now saying a new word. The three of them were pleasantly surprised to hear her voice.

Gwyn stared at Evelyn for a while, and then with her encouragement, she said again, "Nuncle."

Although she didn't know whom her daughter was referring to, Evelyn was glad to hear it. "Sweetie, well done! Mommy will teach you new words. Next one will be 'Auntie'!"

Gwyn didn't respond this time.

That evening, as soon as Terilynn arrived, Debbie dragged her into her bedroom and asked, "Did you teach Gwyn to say 'Uncle' the other day when you took her out?"

"What? Why are you asking?" Terilynn was confused.

"Gwyn suddenly said the word tonight! Twice! I wanted to know if you had taught her that," Debbie said.

Terilynn was surprised and happy to hear the new information. "She did?"


'Wow. Meeting her father has really helped her. Gwyn is willing to talk now, ' Terilynn thought. "I'll take her with me again next time to hang out with Joshua."

She couldn't tell anyone that she was actually taking Gwyn to see her father.

Debbie furrowed her brows, thinking. She turned to Carlos, who was reading something on his iPad, and asked, "Carlos, is it possible that Gwyn doesn't talk often because we never take her out much?"

Carlos didn't object. After a short pause, he said, "If hanging out with other people is good for her, then let's take

r father's mind.

"I hope he doesn't go to such an extent this time."

Later that day, Evelyn met Sheffield again in a five-star restaurant. They weren't in the same private booth but bumped into each other in the lobby.

She was sure that he had also seen her, but they didn't exchange greetings because they were a bit far away from each other.

In the middle of the dinner, Evelyn came out of the booth and ran into an acquaintance in the hallway. "Hi, Mr. Qi," she greeted him in a cold voice.

Roscoe Qi was standing there with more than ten other young men. It seemed that they had just had a get-together.

When he saw her, Roscoe Qi's reaction turned hideous and he remarked in a hostile tone, "Oh, it's you, Miss Huo. What a surprise seeing you here."

His friends saw her too and leered at her.

"Holy cow! Who is this beauty? Roscoe, introduce us!" "Roscoe, who is this chick?

She is really hot!"

"Roscoe, don't you have a girlfriend already?"

they exclaimed loudly. Evelyn ignored the crowd. She didn't look at Roscoe Qi again either, and waited for them to walk out of the restaurant.

But some of them had no intention of leaving her alone.

Roscoe Qi didn't want to introduce Evelyn to his friends, but since there were so many people egging him on, he had to put it simply, "This is Evelyn Huo, the eldest daughter of the CEO of ZL Group." Roscoe Qi felt bitter as he spoke her name. His brother was one of Evelyn's ex-boyfriends.

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