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   Chapter 1014 She Lied To Him

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7339

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:12

"Then you can call me Sheffield Huo from now on. You know I'm a great guy. If I become a member of the Huo family, then I'll make you guys proud," Sheffield said confidently.

"Fuck off!" Carlos thundered. "Keep talking like that and I'll set Evelyn up on more blind dates."

With a serious look, Sheffield said, "Uncle Carlos, Evelyn is suffering from depression again. She's taking antidepressants. Are you sure you still want to butt in? Do you really love your daughter?"

"Depression? Evelyn's taking antidepressants? Bullshit! I think you're the one who needs meds! My daughter is a happy girl. What nonsense are you spouting? Am I too kind to you? You want me to buy out Theo Group and close it?" If ZL Group went up against Theo Group now, both Sheffield and his company would suffer a loss.

"Uncle, I didn't lie to you. She took fluvoxamine, a kind of drug for treating depression. I promise I'll be good to Evelyn. I'll listen to you as long as you agree to give Evelyn to me!"

Sheffield sounded so serious, and he had even mentioned the name of the medicine. Carlos' heart sank. "Did you see Evelyn take the pills yourself?" he asked worriedly.

Sheffield didn't see it with his own eyes. Joshua told him about it. "No. Joshua saw it, and ran off to tell me."

"Did he tell you he saw it with his own eyes?"

"Well, yes..." Carlos' line of questioning gave him a bad feeling.

There was no longer a tense war between them. Carlos calmed down and said, "If what you said is true, I'll let you start dating again. But Sheffield, if Evelyn isn't taking any antidepressants, and you're just messing with me, I will punish you!"

Before Sheffield could say anything else, the old man hung up the phone. The bad feeling grew stronger in his heart.

Just to make sure, he rapidly dialed Joshua's number. As soon as the phone was connected, he asked, "Joshua, did you lie to me about anything?"

It took a while for Joshua to respond to his question. "No, I didn't. Why would I do that?"

"What did the pills Evelyn swallowed look like?"

"What?" Joshua finally realized what was happening. "Oh, I forgot."

"Humph! You're just pretending. Evelyn already told me you

he also had asked an assistant to pack some night snacks from the Alioth Building.

This time, Evelyn didn't go upstairs after she arrived at the entrance of Theo Group. On her orders, Felix told a security guard, "These are from Miss Huo. Please help us give them to Mr. Tang. Thank you."

Knowing that Evelyn was a special guest, the security guard grabbed the bag and said, "Okay."

As he was about to enter the building, a woman came out.

It was Gillian.

She recognized Felix at first sight. She looked around and saw Evelyn standing not far away and looking at the security guard.

"Wait!" Gillian stopped the security guard.

"Hello, Miss Chi," the security guard greeted. He certainly knew who Gillian was. She was the younger sister of the former CEO's current wife.

"Where are you going?" Now that they were not at ZL Group, Gillian completely ignored Evelyn.

"Oh, here's the thing. The eldest princess of the ZL Group asked me to bring something to Mr. Sheffield Tang. I have to go."

'The eldest princess?' Gillian sneered, feeling annoyed. 'This is the 21st century. She calls herself a princess? Evelyn Huo, you're such a bitch!' she thought. She then said in a voice that could be heard by everyone present there, "I just left Sheffield's office. He's hard at work. Give the bag to me, and I'll make sure he gets it."

"Nah. I can't ask you to do that. I'm fine with it, Miss Chi." The security guard took a look at Evelyn.

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